A Summer Dinner with S&L

August 24, 2004

Two Italian Cheeses from Alta Langa, Piedmonte to start:

Bosina Robiola - Bosina is a small town where this cheese is produced by hand from milk of the region's lush, green pastures, using modern equipment. Only 100% natural ingredients are used. It is straw-colored with a white exterior. It is important to eat this cheese at room temperature to experience its full potential.

La Tur
The cheese is straw-colored with a soft surface and a delicate flavor. La Tur is handmade in a traditional manner from lightly pasteurized milk. The curd is aged for only 15 days. Very fresh cheeses like La Tur are extremely hard to find in America. * Made from a blend of pasteurized cow, goat & sheep's milk


Herb Roasted Rosie Chickens

Middleton Gardens Lima Beans

Yukon Gold Potatoes au gratin with Fontina Val D’Osta

L’s Special Salad


Red & Green Gravenstein Apple Pie

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