October 6, 2005 - Joanne

A Simple Dinner:
Cheese & Soup

The Cheeseboard:

Tomino da padella
– (cow, Robiola de Langhe) A small soft mild bloomy rind cheese with almost a slight sweetness. Very creamy.
– (goat, Alta Langhe/Piedmonte Italy) A soft white bloomy rind cheese with mild salty flavor.
Les Levezou
(sheep - Basque Tomme) A pale gold hard rind cheese
Clisson from Jean D’alos
(goat, France) The cheeses are washed with sauternes during the aging process. The final semi-soft cheese has a orangeish rind and is cream colored with a delicate flavor. Very approachable and slightly salty.
Bleu de Causses from Herve Mons
(cow, France) – a mild blue cheese with a strong finish. The paste is creamy punctuated with blue pockets.

Acme Upstairs Bread

Spring Hill Jersey Milk Butter

Roasted Tomato Soup
with Lemon Basil and Red Bell Peppers

Lettuces with Avocado, Oil & Vinegar


Cheese Resources:

Janet Fletcher on Les Levezou

Where to Buy:







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