Roses (& Flowers)
in our Garden

Updated March, 2007 - Joanne
Most of the new roses we planted are from David Austin, as Joanne loves the form of double flowers and English Tea Roses (and Peonies, too). Both of us love flowers that have distinctive fragrances. We inherited a few rose bushes with the house and some of them will show up here too – like Queen Elizabeth.

AUS The Prince
AUS The Prince

AUS Charlotte

AUS Pat Austin

Banksia - White
The Ladybanks rose we inherited with our house.
It blooms once a year in the spring (May) and
has a wonderful fragrance. The tiny thumbnail
size flowers are white (but Banksia also come
in yellow) (above & below)
Ladybanks Rose - White

Queen Elizabeth (Hybrid Tea)

AUS Othello
AUS Othello

Unknown Hybrid Tea

AUS Mary Rose
AUS ? (above & below)
AUS Mary Rose

aus mary rose
AUS Mary Rose

AUS Sharifa Asma

Rose - Unknown Hybrid Tea
This one is a gorgeous Hybrid Tea we inherited
(no tag)

Pussywillow in Bloom - 2007 March

Yellow Double?? march 2007
Meilland Johann Strauss
MEL Johann Strauss (above & below)
from the Romantica series with a wonderful fragrance which is like lemon verbena
Meilland Johann Strauss

AUS Noble Anthony
AUS Noble Anthony

Gloire de Dijon
Gloire de Dijon - Climbing Rose

AUS Golden Celebration (above & below)
AUS Golden Celebration

AUS Graham Thomas
AUS Graham Thomas

Peony - Rose
Two Herbaceous Peonies masquerading as roses
Peony - White

White Clematis
The White super fragrant Clematis which we inherited with our house. It blooms once in late winter/early spring. I think it maybe Armandii –
it is evergreen.
Japanese Anemones
Japanese Anemones:
I think these are Queen Charlotte
(They are spreading voraciously!)

Trycyrtis Hirta
I have almost every type of Trycyrtis Hirta I could find. I love the varigated type and Samurai.

Fortnight Lily - March 2007
Fortnight Lily

Middleton Garden's Flowering peach
Flowers on a flowering peach we purchased from Nancy at Middleton Farms

Hebe in Flower
Hebe - March 2007

Flowering Quince
Flowering Quince - March 2007

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