Wine Blogging Wednesday #13 -
September 8, 2005

1998 Turley Zinfandel Delinquent
(Napa Valley)

This month’s goal was to find a “wine that will pair beautifully with an intensely flavored chocolate cake.” Wine Blogging Wednesday is hosted this month by Clotilde and her Chocolate & Zucchini blog. Her roundup posting is here.

What goes best? This was a real dilemma for me, as I find that wine and dessert really don’t go hand-in-hand. A great chocolate cake has always seemed to pair best with cold milk or cold water. A decent-to-great dessert wine stands on its own (it had better!) – tasting it with anything else (like cake) just makes the wine taste worse.

Undeterred, we tried quiet a few different kinds of wines, from dry sparking wines to syrahs, cabs and zins. Of those, the one we thought would be the best, was, a Turley dessert wine: 1998 Turley Zinfandel Delinquent – coming in at 19% alcohol and 10% residual sugar.

The nose says alcohol and zinfandel with some hints of raspberries. The taste is what you would expect; a ruby port-like zin. It’s not too sweet, and has decent acids so it stands up to any really sweet or rich dessert (like dark chocolate cake). We tried it with Desserts by David Glass - The Ultimate Chocolate Truffle Cake.

This is a very good wine and has at least 10-15 years more of life – perhaps 30? If you have this in your cellar, it’s fine to drink now, but I see no reason not to give it some more time. It seemed best chilled, say at 50° F.
- Jack

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