Wine-Blogging Wednesday (#11)
July 6, 2005

Eric Bordelet

Imported by Beaune Imports

Real wine made from biodynamically grown apples and pears. The three apple and two pear wines imported into the US are all 4% in alchohol, making them wonderful as an aperitif, as well as a great match for a savory onion tart or a plain dessert such as walnut cake. Try it with a cheese course - I know there is a cheese it will be great with - perhaps a triple-creme?

Eric Bordelet makes 5 wines each year:

Three sparkling apple wines:
Sydre Doux
Sydre Brut Tendre

Sydre Argelette

and two sparkling pear wines:
Poiré L’Authentique
Poiré Granit

Eric Bordelet (Biodynamic) – Delicious Hard Pear and Apple Ciders

We first discovered Eric Bordelet’s wines in December of 1998 when the Sommelier at Jacky Dallais' La Promenade insisted we try it. It was delicious and memorable. We didn’t think we’d ever see it again, of course...

We were wrong. We first found some (a couple of years later) at a wine shop in SF. The next time we crossed paths, it was on the wine list at The Slanted Door (in SF). It’s not too hard to find now. The Wine Advocate has also reviewed three earlier vintages of the Poiré Granit, the most recent being the 2001 – 90 pts.

Eric Bordelet wearing his magic white boots* as he prepares to move a 300-year-old Pear Tree! (*Boots of Lifting.)

Kidding aside, that really is a 300-year old pear tree. Perhaps some of his pear wine should be labeled something like Trois Cents Annees Vielles Arbres - pardon?

Joanne's Tasting Notes:
2002 & 2003 Eric Bordelet Poiré Granit

2002 – Minerals and pear on nose. Dry with a wash of delicate pear on finish. Not sweet. Like pear champagne. Elegant. Very fine bubbles.

2003 – Overripe pear and sugar on nose. Less bubbly than ’02. More overripe flavors. Slightly sourness on finish. Slight sweetness. More rustic flavors.

Jack's comments: Both have a good amount of sweetness to me. The 2002 is definitely a better year and is delicious! I guess we have to keep in mind that 2003 was the year that much of France, including the Loire Valley, suffered extreme heat that Summer. The 2003 I didn’t care for - in fact, the first bottle ever I haven't liked, of about 15 bottles consumed over the last half-dozen years.

These wines aren't that hard to find. Look i at Wine and Weimax (who has a great write-up of Eric Bordelet) in SF. Bottle Barn in Santa Rosa and Berkeley Bowl in Berkeley also carry them. Some Whole Foods as well. Contact Beaune Imports to find a source near you. Here’s the Eric Bordelet link at their website. This link has some great photos, too.

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