Ultimate Open House
St. Helena Viticultural Society
June 5, 2005
Crocker Estate, St. Helena, CA

This was a very interesting and well-run tasting.
All of the wines were supposed to be from the St. Helena appellation of Napa Valley.

2002 Anomaly Vineyards   Cabernet Sauvignon Nice Mouth Feel. Medium length finish. I like. Very smooth. 2?
2002 Ballentine Vineyards Betty’s Vyd Syrah Smooth. 2+
2000 Ballentine Vineyards Old Vines Syrah Nice mouth feel Pleasant to drink. They said to look for their Old Vines Chenin and try it! 1
2000 Calafia Beckstoffer Old Crane Vineya Cabernet Sauvignon Less than 500 cases made. Good. Can tell that it’s Cab. 1. $32
2004 Charles Krug Estate   Petit Verdot   Barrel sample. Hugh mouth tannins. Lacks personality. Too early to judge. 0
2003 Charter Oak Winery Charter Oak Zinfandel Good. Real Zin taste. Very flavorful! 350 cases. $37.50
2002 Chase Cellars Hayne Vineyard Zinfandel Astringent. Hard to tell it’s Zin. Pleasant though.
2001 Chase Cellars   Petit Sirah Like better. Both wines lack some fruit. Good length finish. 0-1.
2002 Chateau Boswell Renaissance Estate Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 168 cases. $94.
2002 Chateau Boswell Jacquelynn Cuvee Cabernet Sauvignon 360 cases. 14% Cabernet Franc. Good Nose. Interesting. Mouth-staining. $64.
2003 Chiarello Family Giana Estate Zinfandel 16.1% alcohol is hidden well. Big, green almost. Hmmm. $28. 0.
2002 Chiarello Family Eileen Estate Cabernet Sauvignon Acidic. Good value. Good. $45. 1.
2002 Crocker & Starr Stone Place Cabernet Sauvignon Blend Not bad. Smooth. $65. 1?
2002 Crocker & Starr   Sauvignon Blanc Not oaked. Sweet. Nice nose. $23. 1?
2002 D.R. Stephens Moose Valley Vyd Cabernet Sauvignon Good. Lots of acids. 1.
2001 D.R. Stephens Moose Valley Vyd Cabernet Sauvignon Lots of tannins. 0. Lacks personality.
2001 David Fulton Estate Petite Sirah 350 cases. 13.5 alcohol. I liked. Food wine. $40. 1+
2002 Edge Hill Butala Zinfandel 15.1% alcohol. Good acids. Food wine. Good wine. $35. 1+
2003 Edge Hill St. Helena Estate Mixed Black 15.2% alcohol. Interesting. Solid winemaking. $50.
2002 Ehlers Estate 1886 Cabernet Sauvignon 400 cases. Balanced Now. A little bitter. $75. 1.
2002 Ehlers Estate   Merlot 14.6% alcohol. Nice. Good for CA. Not sweet. Pretty good value. $27. 1+.
2004 Heitz Cellars Estate Grignolina Rose Soft. Grapefruits. Very Nice. $17. 2+
2000 James Johnson Vineyards Bisou Cabernet Sauvignon Appealing! 14.2% alcohol. Tasty. 1++. James Johnson Vineyards (aka Bisou) This is a very promising new winery. Not sure the wines are to my style, but they should appeal to many people.
2001 James Johnson Vineyards Bisou Cabernet Sauvignon A lot going on. 14.6% alcohol. $60.
2002 James Johnson Vineyards Bisou Cabernet Sauvignon 250 cases. 14.2% alcohol. Zin-like. For people who like Zin. Good but not for me. $70-$75.
2004 Merryvale Vineyard Schlatter Family Cabernet Sauvignon Barrel Sample. Hmm. 65% Cab. 35% Petit Verdot.
2004 Milat Estate Chenin Blanc No oak. 25% Chardonnay. Off dry. Not bad. Good finish. $18. 0
2001 Milat Estate   Cabernet Sauvignon Astringent. Good. Ok for price. Hmmm. $36
2002 Milat Estate   Zinfandel Very pleasant. Good Value 14.9% alcohol. $23. 1.
2001 Parry Cellars   Cabernet Sauvignon 225 cases. Strange. Good acids. Intriguing, in a good way; to retaste someday $46.
2002 Prager Winery Royal Escort Vintage Paladini Petite Sirah 774 cases. 100% Petite Sirah. Ruby Port. Nice smooth.$65. 0-1.
2002 Revana Family   Cabernet Sauvignon Needs time to show. A bit tight. Tannic beast. $90.
2002 Ruston Family LaMaestra Estate Estate Blend Alcohol is distracting from enjoyment. 15.3% alcohol. $45.
2002 Ruston Family   Cabernet Sauvignon Appealing! Lots of concentration. Great value! $38. 2.
2001 Salvestrin Winery Estate Cabernet Sauvignon Cab-like taste. Good length. Want to try again when aged. Good value. 14.6% alcohol. $45
2003 Salvestrin Winery   Sangiovese 14.8% alcohol. Not bad. Good acids. Decent finish. $29. Maybe 1.
2002 Sequum Kidd Ranch Zinfandel 100 cases. 16.3% alcohol is hidden well. Nice taste. Lip-smacking. They are a brand new tiny winery.
2001 Spottswoode Estate   Cabernet Sauvignon Nice. Good acids and finish. $90. 1+.
2002 Spottswoode Estate   Cabernet Sauvignon Also good. Would happily drink both. Pleasing. $90. 1+.
2002 Titus Vineyard   Zinfandel 90% Zinfandel/ 10% Petite Sirah. Good. 15% alcohol. 0.
2002 Titus Vineyard   Cabernet Sauvignon Good… Good finish. 14.5% alcohol. Didn’t like enough.
2002 Titus Vineyard Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon Zin-like. Yuk. 15.8% alcohol. 0.
2002 Titus Vineyard Lot 1 Titus Vyd Petite Sirah/ 50 cases. Has Petit Verdot blended. Interesting nose. Tight. Good Potential. 1+
2000 Varozza Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon 300 cases. Like this best now. Hmmm. $45. 1.
2001 Varozza Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Lots of acids. Needs time to integrate. $45. ?.
2001 Varozza Vineyards Petite Sirah 200 cases. Good! Needs time. Would like to taste in a few years. Decent acids. Medium finish. 14.2% alcohol. $35. 2+.
1998 Vineyard 29   Cabernet Sauvignon Very good. Needs Time. Mouth coating. Best Nose of the day! 2-3
2000 Vineyard 29 Aida Red Wine 60% Merlot/ 40% Cab. Okay. $20.
2000 Vineyard 29 Aida Zinfandel Okay. It’s Zin.
2001 Whitehall Lane Leonardini Vyd Cabernet Sauvignon 450 cases. Tasty. Oaky. 1.
2002 Whitehall Lane Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon Burnt Oak. Lots of tannins. Just okay. 0.
2000 William Cole Vineyards Cuvee Claire Cabernet Sauvignon 200 cases. Kind of like. Very pleasant. $125. 1+++


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