September, 2004 - Joanne

The Great Match - Wine & Tapas
San Francisco, The Regency Center

Tasting Notes:

2000 Ardeval Priorat $50
Slightly bitter.

2001 Clos Mogador Priorat $90
100% Carignane. Good acids, incredibly concentrated with a really long finish. Really good.

2000 Absis Pares Balta DO Penedes $100
Oaky. Not as good as Mogador.

2001 Les Sorts Old Vines
Grenache. Fruity lighter style. Good. About $200/case,

2000 Scala Dei Cartoixa DOC Priorat $27
Fruity. Good. Pleasant.

1996 Conde de Valdemar Gran Reserva DOC Rioja $25
Curranty. More Bordeaux style. Really poor value.

1998 Finca Valpiedra Reserva DOC Rioja $32
Good acids. Not that notable.

1998 Baron de Ley Reserva DOC Rioja $20
95% tempranillo 5% Cab. Great! Fantastic fruit and acid.

1995 Baron de Ley Gran Reserva DOC Rioja $32
95% tempranillo 5% Cab. Smoothest wine of the night. Bordeaux-like with V/A and medicinal elements. Old style Riserva.

2001 Finca Monasterio Baron de Ley DOC Rioja $42
New world style riserva, chewy tannic and little light on the finish.

NV Maria Casanovas Brut Nature Gran Reserva DO CAVA $38
Does nothing for me. Not too sweet. Cleansing but boring.

2002 Rejadorada Tinto Roble DO Toro $16
Good fruit. Oaky but intergrated – light style.

1999 Areagata Reserve Bodgeas Asensio Sanz DO Navarra $20
Interesting fruit. Meaty and slightly herbal. YUM! *

1997 Baron de Ona Reserva Torre de Ona DOC Rioja $28
Jack: Very Young wine. Joanne: Lots of medicinal notes.

1998 Vina Ardanza La Rioja Alta DOC Rioja $37
Great acids. Interesting wine. A lot of oak on finish.

2001 Laurona Europvin Falset DO Montsant $28
Fresh black cherries. Yum.

2000 Alion Ribera del Duero $67
Way way young. Closed. Tannic. 100% Tempranillo.

2003 Nora Albarino Rias Baixas $14
Very clean. Lemon.

2003 Naia Vina Sila DO Rueda $11
Tremendous. Malolactic but crisp and balanced.

2000 Torre Muga DOC Rioja $65
Very oaky but integrated. Loooong finish.

2000 Allende DOC Rioja $18

2000 Sierra Cantabria Crizana DOC Rioja $18
Tannic. Slightly bitter. Great acids.

2000. Ganuza Resrva Bodegas Fernando Remirez de Ganuza DOC Rioja $65
Pretty good.

2003 Finca Luzon DO Jumilla $10
Merlot. Oaky, tannic, cheap but drinkable.

1999 Valdubon Reserva DO Ribera del Duero $24
15,000 cases. Really great. In oak 24 mos. 100%Tempranillo (Where Vega Sicilia comes from.)

2001 Morlanda DOC Priorat $46
Wow tremendous. 30% Grenache, 10% Cab. About 4000 cases. Buy Some!

2001 Castillo Perelada Crianza DO Emporda-Costa Brava
$10 really fruity.

? Cresta Rosa Castillo Perelada DO Emporda-Costa Brava $8
Malolactic. Grenache. Yuck!

? Blanc Pescador Castillo Perelada DO Emporda-Costa Brava $8
Very clean. Cheap. Not much taste.

NV Castillo Perelada Brut Rosado DO Cava $11
Salvador Dali’s favorite wine. Wine for Spanish Royal Wedding. Drinkable. Just.

NV Castillo Perelada Reserva Brut DO Cava $10
Drinkable but cheap.

2000 Gran Claustro de Castillo Perelada DO Emporda-Costa Brava $51
Chewy. Very very concentrated. Slightly bitter but really good.

1999 Oilver Conti Red DOC Emporda-Costa Brava $40
Didn’t excite.

2001 Mas Igneus FA 206 DOC Priorat $20
Weird but good. Red Fruit.

1998 Mas La Plana Miguel Torres DO Penedes $46
Yeah good but… boring. Was expecting it to be better.

20 Yr Old Sandeman Royal Corredgidor Rich Old Oloroso Sherry $25
Brown sugar and currants. Good acids.

20 Yr Old Sandeman Royal Ambrosante Old Solera Pedro Ximenez Sherry $25
Intense Balsamic and currants. Intense. Fantastic. Buy some!

1997 Chateldon Cabernet Suavignon Gran Reserva Bodegas Pinord Penedes $29
Bordeaux style. Medicinal. Good Value.

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