Chateau Pavie - A tasting of Four Vintages
December 2, 2004 by Jack

Backroom Wines
974 Franklin Street, Napa
Daniel - 707 226-1378

1998 Château Pavie
Very appealing nose. Strong acids but not dominating . Very Bordeaux. Silky. Need more time but quite enjpyable this young. Good lengthy finish. Acids sting front of tongue. Very nice wine. Has elegance. Great wine!

1999 Château Pavie
Not much on the nose. Nice wine… not as complex or appealing as the 98 – maybe just more closed. Good acids. Warm cherry Bordeaux- Merlot thing. Acids a little dominating. Got better. Has this elegance…

2000 Château Pavie
Upon Swallowing – “happy mouth/throat’. Slight nose. Big acids. Long, long finish. Second taste – “happy mouth delightful…” Silky smooth. This wine just has more going on than the other years.

2001 Château Pavie
Hmmm. Not as appealing as 99 or 00. But very long finish. Puckering mouth feel. More acids on the back end. Nose starting to show – dried cherries.

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