Barolo to Valtellina: The Many Faces of Nebbiolo
with David Lynch (Wine Director at Babbo Ristorante in NYC)
Saturday Oct. 9th, 2004 1pm-3pm
Italian Wine Merchants
New York City, NY

David Lynch told us that 1996 was a super great vintage in Barolo and that the 1999 are good values. These wines (Borolos) are not fruit bombs. Note: “Tannin & alcohol exaggerate spiciness.” Nebbiolo wines are “Very Tannic" and "highly aromatic.” Because the area is very vulnerable to hail they use sonic cannons in Lombardia to break it up so to reduce vine damage. - Jack
Note: Wine prices were revealed at the end of the tasting.

2000 Malvira
Nebbiolo del Reoro $16
Tannic, good acids. Not very expressive. Slightly astringent.Winter root vegetables. Not much on the nose. Lange Nebbiolo mixes in Barbera. Needs time and Food. Short Finish. Won’t Keep Long? FB 86-89pts

1997 Dessilani Fara Caramino $35
More appealing, softer tannins. Nice wine. Slightly hot finish. Needs a few more years. Very slightly astringent, a bit tart. Medium-length finish. FB 88-90

1997 Rainoldi Sassella Riserva $30
“pair with braised meats” 1997 was a hard harvest.
Mild tannins, complementary acids. Nice wine. Nothing on the nose. Taste is a bit tart on the sides of the tongue. Appeal grows. Hmm. Muted dark fruit. FB 88-92

1997 Dessilani Gattinara Riserva $57
Bigger acids, fruit. Best so far – hard to define. I like it. Astringent, long bit not wonderful finish – acidic. FB 90+

1999 Abbena Barbaresco Faset $35
Wow! Mouth slam. Wild. Astringent kept spitting it out. 5 years try again? Serious acids, long finish.

2001 Sandro Fay Sforzato di Valtellina Ronco del Picchio $65
Yum! Wow! Delicious, oily, mouth filling. Sweeter softer tannins. Good finish, unique wine. Amarone-style winemaking. FB 93-94 (A bottle consumed in April '05 I scored 96. This is a hard-to-find wonderful wine! Note, that the producer's name (Sandro Fay) is only in tiny lettering on the back of the bottle.)

2001 Clerico Arte Nebbiolo, Barbera, Cabernet Sauvignon
Astringent. Nice mouth coating. Young. Chunkier. Drying Tannins. Just not my style. May come around someday. FB 88

1997 Vigna dei Dardi Barolo $60
Good example of Barolo. Will age nicely. Drinkable now. A really nice wine. Seems well-made. Silky. Very long pleasant finish. But I don’t need any. FB 91-92

2000 Scavino Barolo $65
Nice mouth feel. Elegant. Apples! Really nice wine. Needs at least 5 years of aging. 10 years at peak? FB 92-96

1998 Massolino Barolo Margheria $45
Delightful. Earthy nose. Very good mouth feel. Almost Burgundian. Very long finish. Really well made. FB 93-95

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