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Tasting of Twenty Greek Wines
Imported by Sotiris Bafitis
Bacar Restaurant, San Francisco
Monday, November 7, 2005 - Joanne

As a group, these wines were quite good, and show that the Greek wine industry is coming along. I found the wines to be quite food friendly and not one was insipid. The Atlantis wines from Argyros stood out, as well as the Voyatzis – my favorite of the day. Joanne’s favorite was the Vin Santo from Argyros – easily the most expensive wine of the day, too. Kudos to the Importer, Sotiris Bafitis Selections, for bringing in a very nice selection of wines. I hope we see some of these in restaurants that serve something other than just Greek food. - Jack

2003 Argyros Atlantis White Assyrtiko Blend/Santorini Plastic/chemically nose. Hard mineral center. Water.
2003 Argyros Canava White Assyrtiko Blend/Santorini Muscat-like nose. Fermented. Yeasty grapes finish. Have again with food! Hard finish.
2003 Argyros Atlantis Red Mandilaria & Mavratragano/Santorini Intense earth on nose. Soft earthy center. With herbs. Light. Good! Jo: likes!
1994 Argyros Vinsanto Santorini Intense raisiny sweetness on nose. Almost perfume. Really great finish. Great with nuts. Raisins on finish.
2003 Biblia Chora Red Merlot & Cabernet Sauvignon/Kavala, Macedonia 60% Cab/40% Merlot. Not balanced. Lots of wood in center.
2002 Biblia Chora Areti Red Agioirghitiko/Kavala, Macedonia Bright fruity nose and bright light acidic center. Too light for Jack.
2004 Gerovassiliou Malagousia Epanomi/Thessaloniki Malolactic over-ripe elements. Gold raspberry finish. Most elegant of the white. Jo: No!
2002 Gerovassiliou   Syrah/Epanomi, Thessaloniki Not syrah-like. Very concentrated. Dark deep. Hard to judge. Bitter finish. Still bitter with food.
2002 Karyda Naoussa Xinomavro/Naoussa, Macedonia 2002 was a poor vintage – this is a tiny producer with about 8-10,000 bottles annual production. Great fruit/perfume on nose. Powder candy/pixi sticks on center. Incense-like finish. Try a different year.
2004 Kir-Yianni Samaropetra Roditis Blend/ Amyndeo N. Macedonia Drinkable. More watery center. More malo elements but they are better integrated. Slightly bitter finish.
2004 Kir-Yianni Anakies Rosé Xinomavro/Amyndeo, N. Macedonia Strawberries. Delicious rose. Drink now. Jack: didn’t like.
2003 Kir-Yianni Paranga Xinomavro & Agioirghitiko / Amyndeo N. Macedonia Coffee on nose. Very Bandol-ish (- Jack ) Slightly bitter finish. Jo: liked.
2003 Kir-Yianni Ramnista Xinomavro/Naoussa, Macedonia Oak! Tannins from wood in center. Too much oak. Very young.
2003 Kir-Yianni Yianakohori Xinomavro & Merlot/Naoussa, Macedonia Wood and earth on nose. Very very tannic center.
2003 Kir-Yianni Imathias Syrah/Naoussa, Macedonia Less than 5000 bottles. Balanced and young. Slightly tannic finish.
2004 Lafazanis Roditis (blend) Achia/Peleponnese Sweet floral and fruity nose. Malolactic overripe elements.
2004 Lafazanis St. George Agioirghitiko /Nemea, Achia, Peleponnese Bright cherry nose. Bright young fruit. Bright red fruits. What Beaujolis Nouveau should be. Slightly tannic finish.
2003 Mercouri Foloi Roditis/W. Peleponnese More balanced. Watery center. Slight bitterness on finish.
2001 Mercouri Antares Augoustiatis & Mourvedre/W. Peleponnese Not much nose. Oak there but integrated. Woodsy. World class wine. Happy to have a bottle.
2001 Voyatzis Red Xinomavro blend Bright spicy center. Meaty. Good! Maybe this is a great varietal?

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