May, 2005 - Tasting Notes - Joanne

DuMOL Spring & Fall Releases 2005
5th Annual Spring Tasting: April 24, 2005
2003 DuMOL Chardonnay Russian River Valley
Notes of carmelized grapefruit on nose. Oak well-integrated. Grapefruit finish. J&J like this wine. (Conversely, a bottle consumed in December, 2005 was out-of-balance and unpleasant to drink...hopefully an awful bottle!)

2003 DuMOL Isobel Chardonnay
Most round & buttery of the chardonnays but not cloying. Less fun to drink right now. Highest acids of the three.

2003 DuMOL Chloe Chardonnay
Minerals on nose. Thinner color than RRV but nice minerally light finish and deep complexity. Tight Chard flavors with spicy finish – slightly tannic finish.

2003 DuMOL Pinot Noir Russian River Valley
Pinot nose. Bright red fruit with dark red finish. Very Russian River pinot noir. Slight bitterness on finish.

2003 DuMOL Ryan Pinot Noir
Harder. Not so fruit forward as RRV. Needs more time but more approachable right now than Finn.

2003 DuMOL Finn Pinot Noir
Very bitter first notes. Thick bitter center. Too young to judge its potential. A lot of acids. Nothing seems wrong…try again in 3 years.

2003 DuMOL Syrah Russian River Valley
Very tannic and hard. Unapproachable at the moment.

2003 DuMOL Eddie’s Patch Syrah
Tannic, hard. Good fruit.

Barrel Tastings
2004 DuMOL Sundawg Pinot Noir

Very fruit forward. Dry tannic finish. Good!

2004 DuMOL Widdoes Pinot Noir
Sweeter. Hard to judge. Wow. Peppery herbal finish. A lot of acids.

2004 DuMOL Green Valley Syrah
Stinky nose. Fruity! Tannic oaky finish. This wine has a lot of personality. Could be fantastic. Jack was seriously impressed with it’s wonderful flavor and richness.

Jack's summation: These wines were really wonderful! Although they are not moderately priced, they are definitely not overpriced, either. (I also wish to add that the food was terrific - probably the best I've had a winery tasting event.)
May 30, 2006 - Tasting Notes - Jack

DuMOL Spring & Fall Releases 2006
6th Annual Spring Tasting: April 30, 2006

2004 DuMOL Chardonnay Russian River Valley
Tasted when it was a little too cold. 2-3

2004 DuMOL Isobel Chardonnay
Good value. 3-4+

2004 DuMOL Chloe Chardonnay
Hmmm...pretty closed. ?

2004 DuMOL Clare Chardonnay
From Carneros! Could be a long ager. Good acids and fruit. My favorite. 2-5

2004 DuMOL Pinot Noir Russian River Valley
A bit syrah-like. 2+

2004 DuMOL Aidan Pinot Noir
Not tasting very pinot-like today. 3+

2004 DuMOL Ryan Pinot Noir
Rich. Jammy. 4-6

2004 DuMOL Finn Pinot Noir
Closed. 2-4+

2004 DuMOL Syrah Russian River Valley
Yum! 3-4

2004 DuMOL jack robert’s run Syrah
Very dry, tannic but enough acids. Their new best wine? 6+

2004 DuMOL eddie’s patch Syrah 3

Barrel Tastings
2005 DuMOL Widdoes Pinot Noir
Softer style.

2005 DuMOL Sundawg Pinot Noir
Biggest nose. Promising.

2005 DuMOL Dry Creek Vyd Syrah  
Bennett Valley. Appealing.

2005 DuMOL Lion’s Ridge Vyd Syrah
Super purple and tannic. Great potential.

(A number at the end of the tasting note is "Bottles Desired". - Jack)

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