Crème Fraîche Tasting
January, 2005 - Joanne

The Crème Fraîches were tasted alone, with wild smoked salmon, and with bread/crackers. The first three are US made and were purchased locally. The Isigny St. Mere comes from France and we purchased it from Each of the nine tasters ranked their three favorites for each category; they received 3, 2, and 1 points, respectively. The Crème Fraîche was tasted blind.

Bellwether Farms
Positive: Basic. Thick. Creamy finish.Light. Tangy.
Negative: Watery. Slightly sour. Somewhat watery. Good old sour cream.

Vermont Butter & Cheese
Positive: Good flavor. Whipped cream like. Denser. More dairy flavor. Nice finish.
Negative: Oily. Thin. Sour. Even more watery than the Bellwether.

Kendall Farms

Positive: Hello sour cream. Tart. Thin. Very sour – like sour cream. Most sour cream-like.
Negative: Slightly sour. Indistinct flavor. Dense yet liquidy. Most sour flavor.

Isigny St Mere
Positive: Thicker. Richer. Looks like clotted cream. Buttery. Thick. Creamier. Whipped Creamlike. Pleasant. Creamy texture.
Negative: Weak flavor. Indisinct flavor.

Crème Fraiche
Bellwether 16
Isigny St. Mere 15
Vermont Butter and Cheese 12
Kendall Farms 0

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