Review - Joanne


Order placed June 22, 2005

Order arrived (as requested) - June 29

What we ordered:
Zingerman's rockin' reuben sandwich kit - sherman's sure choice for 4
1 lb bag of daterra estate reserve espresso
1 lb bag of freshly roasted papua new guinea coffee beans
1 lb bag freshly, roasted guatemala antigua coffee beans
45 g jar whole australian mountain pepper
82 g tube grains of paradise
1 kilo bag fine textured polenta
6 oz telicherry sharon hollow
1 lb bag indian coorgi coffee beans
1 lb bag of freshly roasted roadhouse joe coffee beans
1 lb bag of french roast coffee
72 g jar wattle seed

The top had come off the mountain pepper littering the box with more than ½ the bottle. The top was nearly off the Grains of Paradise and the Wattle Seed top was loose (it was a slightly messy experience taking the top off as it had leaked a little around the lid – and it’s powdery). The sandwich kit was supposed to contain corned beef – it had pastrami.

I called and they apologized and immediately offered to replace the pepper and send the corned beef. The gentleman I spoke to was very friendly. I suggested that they tape the tops before shipping the spice bottles.

Update: July 1, 2005. Replacement Mountain Pepper & Corned Beef arrived as promised.

The Quality:
The sandwich kit was a huge hit with my dad – I ordered it as a birthday present. It contained: Binny’s Neiman Ranch Pastrami, Russian Dressing, Coleslaw, Potato Salad, Emmenthal Cheese (pre-sliced), A loaf of Zingerman’s Rye Bread, 4 Dill pickles and 4 Magic Brownies. Everything arrived in perfect shape and still cool (the perishables were packed with an ice pack inside a little styrofoam cooler. After slicing the bread and lightly heating the pastrami we were in business! The sandwich which was resulted was top notch. All the individual elements tasted great! Even the pastrami was fantastic (and we expecting corned beef). As a present this was really well received and I would order it again! The brownies are made with real ingredients like flour, butter, sugar, etc. A+++ Plus they taste good too!

The polenta and goat cheese survived the trip. The polenta requires refrigeration as it is so fresh.

Coffee will be reviewed as we drink it!

Update: August 2005 Coffee

1 lb bag freshly, roasted Guatemala Antigua coffee beans - I liked this roast. It was mid-range dark and had good acid but was balanced.

1 lb bag of freshly-roasted Roadhouse Joe coffee beans - This one had a tendency to be on the bitter side.

1 lb bag of French Roast coffee - This one was too mild for the dark roast lover. I liked it.

1 lb bag of Daterra Estate Reserve espresso - a hit with the dark roast lover.

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