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32-29 Greenpoint Avenue, LIC, NY 11101

Last ordered: December, 2005

We place regular orders with them for Jack’s current favorite tea: Burroughs Brew (an organic Nilgiri coconut-flavored tea). Most of their teas are $12/4oz. They have a flat shipping charge of $3.75 and the shipment always comes quickly by UPS ground (albeit it takes a week or so for us as they are in NY). Their customer service is great.

burroughs tea

I’ve ordered a wide variety of teas from them over the past 4 years or so and they are all good quality. They have $12 sample packs which come in individual little tins which are great gifts but are also a way to try a little of many teas to discover which you like. I currently am working through the Organic Sampler ($12) -
Yin Zhen: China, White
Lemon Myrtle: Australia, Tisane
Namaste: Indian Black Blend
Assam: Kondoli Estate India, Black
Ceylon: Iddalgashinna Estate, Green

I really liked the Namaste.

Other teas we are currently enjoying from them are:
Colonille (French Vanilla & Vietnamese Black – A Joanne Fav)
City Harvest Black (Orchid , Vanilla flavor, with Chinese and Vietnamese Black tea )
Iron Goddess of Mercy -Ti Kuan Yin – China (An Amber Oolong)

verbana tea



assam tea

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