Review - Joanne

Rick's Picks

195 Chrystie Street, #602E
New York, NY 10002
(212) 358 0428

Order placed: January, 2005

The order came as expected in about a week or so (ground shipping). The bottles were carefully wrapped and packed.

What we ordered:

GT1000s – “are a curried green tomato condiment.”

Phat Beets – “These beets are tangy-sweet with accents of rosemary, ginger and lemon.”

Bee 'N' Beez - “removes a lot of the sugar and replaces it with dried cherries, coconut and ginger, so that the sweetness comes from a more interesting and healthy place.”

Spears of Influence – “A dill pickle spear with a twist. The brine has flavor notes of cumin and lime...”

The hit of the foursome by far was the Bee 'N' Beez. I don’t even like bread and butter pickles and I loved these ones. Our second favorite would be the GT1000s. Spears of Influence were good but not stellar. We didn’t like the Phat Beets at all – they are still in the refrigerator lanquishing – too much vinegar for our taste (well, Jack kind of liked them).

We would maybe order the GT 1000s and definitely the Bee ‘N’ Beez again. Overall, the quality was excellent and we definitely recommend Rick's Picks.

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