Review - Joanne

Penzeys Spices

Although not organic, I place semi-annual orders with them to restock and refresh our spice cabinet. While they have a multitude of blends I usually find that I like to mix my own.

The exceptions are:

English Prime Rib Rub– This tastes like prime rib in a bottle without the ribs. If you like traditional hunks of beef you need to own a bottle. Really flavors up Yorkshire Pudding too.

Salad Dressing Seasonings – I like fresh herbs but Jack likes a quick pinch of either Italian or Country French to enliven his legendary salads.

Sunny Paris – Divine in scrambled eggs or in egg salad when fresh is not an option.

French Four Spice – I have a love/hate relationship with this blend but often use it in stews or marinades.

Maharajah Curry Powder (as well as most of their Indian Curries) - They sell a 4 jar and an 8 jar gift pack. I love the Tandoori Spice and this Curry powder(which has saffron in it).

I buy nutmegs, Cinnamon (4 Kinds!) and cinnamon sticks, bay leaves, tellicherry pepper, Vanilla and many of their specialty spices like Juniper berries and pink peppercorns to have on hand.

Spices seem fresh and come in resealable bags, glass jars or plastic jars depending on the quantity ordered. They also have empty jars available for filling yourself – or larger quantites in bags for refilling empty jars you have. Almost every label has a the catalog description of the spice on it.

Be aware that some of the blended spices as they contain salt and or sugar. Some spice blends are noted as Salt-free. Also watch out as their soup bases contain MSG – although I have never bought them.

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