Review January 15, 2006 - Joanne

Order placed: December 27, 2005 after 5pm PST
Order arrived: December 31, 2005 (Sat. delivery) (as expected

What we ordered:
2 Live Maine Lobster 2.5-3 pound Jumbo Maine Lobster at $45 each

1 Manhattan Clam Chowder $7

1 Jake's Crab Cakes 6-Pack $49

1 New England Clam Chowder $7

(Prices exclude shipping.)

Minor Problem:
They called on Friday to say they were out of stock on the Crab Cakes would refund on our credit card.

On Arrival:
The lobsters were fine when they arrived -n ot too spunky but they were quite cold, but most definitely alive. The soups were still frozen - a little slushy. The accompanying lemon wasn’t too appetizing looking with a gash in the side but it was included with the order. The packaging was great.

Lobster pot
The Lobsters:

They were definitely what we ordered albeit Jack’s had a pretty big shell and a small lobster inside. We would probably order from them again.

The Soup:
Wow. They were both excellent...who'd have thought that these would be great?. Jack and Trent polished them off in two days. We would definitely reorder both of them – and will! Recommended!

Great first experience. We would recommend with reservations about the lobster shell issue. In retrospect - it was a silly time of the year to order lobsters. The lobsters both had new shells - which won't be a problem in the Spring/Summer. Right now we paid more for shell than lobster. Next time we order from them we'll get 2-4 of each of the soups.
Lobster box

Lobster box inside



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