Update: October 28, 2005 - Joanne

L.A. Burdick

Handmade Chocolates

Our 2nd order:

Order placed for delayed delivery of October 28, 2005. The package arrived FedEx on time as requested.

Each item was individually wrapped in colored tissue and a logo sticker. The boxes inside the tissue were beribboned. It made it really easy for me to divide up the order for gift giving – everything was ready to go.

I ordered:
1 1/4 LB ASST APPROX 20 PCS & 1 MOUSE 12.00

The ghost was tinier than I imagined – but the box is so very cute. They wrap the box in “boo” ribbon. It’s really adorable and makes a fantastic little gift. The ghost itself was a tiny bit disappointing – I had it expected it to look a little more like the one on the website – it resembled more of a big chocolate truffle with a white chocolate sheet and two little black eyes ( I had expected it to be a bit taller). Never-the-less it was devoured in 2 seconds flat (picked up with tiny fingers – plopped in mouth and chomped) with glee.

I ordered the 9pc favor as a hostess gift and the 20pc as a birthday gift. They also came attractively boxed and wrapped with nice ribbon.

The Nuss Torte comes beautifully boxed and presented with a card telling about their pastry. The shortbread crust was fresh and when opened had a wonderful shortbread aroma. Inside, the nuts and fruit were plentiful. It tasted great! It was a hit.

Overall: Presentation was a A+. Quality is high and the handcrafted chocolates make great gifts. The pastry is good but it's more of an add-on for a chocolate order than something to seek out - although I must admit that both choices we've tried have been great with coffee - as advertised.. The Nuss torte while it is unspectacular looking uncut will likely get raves from a shortbread fan and could be a gift in itself.

Our 1st Order:
Ordered on: 6/08/05 for Father’s Day
Delivered on 6/15/05

L.A. Burdick is famous for its hand-piped and hand-dipped chocolates. I gather, also famous, for its Cambridge, MA café although I’ve never been there. I assume they supply Takashimaya with the little mice (with a silk tail!). They are adorable! L.A. Burdick also offer little penguins. We placed this order based on the Rosengarten Report which revisited chocolate. The Report offered a free cup and saucer if you ordered the 2lb Hot chocolate. But the offered was overlooked on our order... and we didn't receive the cup.

What we ordered:
2 lb of Hot Chocolate ($30)
Harvard Square Cake ($16)
Pate de Fruits ($12)
Small Wood Box Assortment ($17) (containing 1 mouse)

The Hot Chocolate contains Vanilla and Sugar – the quality is very high. The chocolate portion is ground up real chocolate. It’s a big hit here. 2lbs will last a long time.

Harvard Square Cake is like loaf of iced brownie. It was sweet but really great with coffee.

The small wood box assortment was fantastic. Tiny chocolates nestled in a well made hinged wooden box. As soon as it was opened Trent spied the mouse and immediately grabbed it by it’s pale blue silk tail and popped it into his mouth – no questions asked. I would order the assortment as a gift with no hesitation.

The Pate de Fruits were a failure in Jack's book. They seem well made but very jammy.

Inside the Shipping Box

The Ghost picture on the LA Burdick website

The Actual Ghost we received

9Pcs + Mouse Gift Box

Boo Ribboned Ghost Box

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