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Korin Japanese Trading

57 Warren St., New York, NY 10007

Our second order - click here for the first order

Order placed: December 31, 2005
Order shipped: January 5, 2006
Order arrived: January 10, 2006

What we ordered:
2 Sandclean - Medium Grit  L - $7.50 ea.
Sandclean - Rough Grit  L - $8.50 
Masamoto VG-10 Gyutou  8.2" (21cm) $135.15
Mac Superior Gyutou  7.0" (18cm) $46.75

I took advantage of their knife sale before the beginning of the year. The Mac knife - although it seems sharper to the touch than the Wüsthof Sankotu I’ve been using, I haven’t found it to be better for chopping. I’ll update as I know more.

I'm starting to really like the Masamoto. It's a different feel than what I've been using but it's thinner and a bit lighter and really sharp. I'll update in a month or so after some real use.

The Sandclean is a really cool product. It’s fabric ribbons with a sandpaper like finish on one side. Made to replace steelwool - it doesn’t rust and is biodegradable. They suggest you don’t use it on fine porcelain but they do say the medium grit can be used to remove tea and coffee stains. The rough they say you can clean bathrooms with (and Jack nods yes). They are both reasonably abrasive so you have to watch what you wash. (They look like colored-fettucini. - Jack)

Everything was well-packed - the boxes were bubble wrapped inside. I will order from Korin again!

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