Review - Joanne - Updated January, 2006

Korin Japanese Trading

57 Warren St., New York, NY 10007

Order Placed: June 25, 2005
Order Arrived: July 6, 2005


After reading an article in the New York Times Sunday Magazine section, I ordered the Cedar Wood Cooking Sheets that were mentioned. A pack of 100 6x6 sheets are $72. They are veneer sheets of cedar, which, when soaked, become pliable enough to wrap around fish, etc., and grilled.

Cedar Wood Cooking Sheets

In addition I ordered a cool item (yet to be tested) – a child’s knife Misono Child's Mini-Knife - which resembles a regular chef’s knife but has a blunt nose and is a little less than 5” long is $42. Plus I ordered a pair of tong style chopsticks, a bento plate, tempura chopsticks (Hanabashi (Tempura Flour)) and a pair of bamboo round tongs.

All arrived in perfect condition – very well wrapped and protected. They included their 3 full color catalogs which give a much better feel for the quality of their offerings than do the pictures on their website, IMHO.

They really have an amazing and interesting selection of Japanese, dishes, cookware and accessories - but Korin Japanese Trading, I've learned - are famous for their Japanese knives. Whether you are opening a sushi restaurant or just like to eat Japanese food at home - this website is a destination. Very fun! We will order again soon!

Full Product Review -
January, 2006

The cedar sheets worked very well. They must be soaked for a while before use as they will split if they are too dry and you try and roll them. I would recommend them. Presentation is beautiful with them. We've wrapped both salmon & scallops with them on the grill. I think they would also work well in the oven or even perhaps in a steamer.

Misono chef knife - kids

Trent received his Misono Child's Mini-Knifechef’s knife for Thanksgiving. He loves it but it is difficult to get him to follow instructions and I’ve had to remove it from use a few times. He’s getting much better at handling it and we’ve only had one little scratch from it so far. He has trouble cutting hard things (like carrots) as it’s difficult for him to get the weight on the knife to press through. Celery and leeks were much easier for him.

I use the Tempura chopsticks everytime I fry something. They work great. The bamboo tongs are our new toast tongs.
The Cedar Sheets Worked Great!
September, 2005 Update

Soaking the sheets in warm water for 5-10 minutes

Salmon Wrapped in Cedar Sheets
Salmon Wrapped in Cedar Sheets and tied with Blanched Green Onions

Slightly charred, the packets come off the grill intact!

Yum! Cedar Grilled Salmon

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