May 11, 2006 - Review - Joanne

Jacques Torres - Boxed Chocolates

Jacques Torres Chocolates

New York, New York

Jacques Torres, the noted New York chocolatier, has two locations – one in Manhattan and one in Brooklyn. I was highly skeptical before ordering, as he has a TV show and seems to have lots of media play.

I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality of what we ordered and would order again without question. I also would not hesistate to send their chocolates as a gift. Everything was beautifully presented and the order arrived on time. I would highly recommend them to others.

The hits of this order were definitely the malto bunny (malt balls) and the chocolate covered cheerios – which I would have never thought even palatable – to my amazement they were wonderful!

Order Placed 3/29/06
Order Received 4/6/06 (as requested)

What we ordered:

Easter Basket - Jacques Torres
Easter Basket – $20
My expectations were low because the price was so reasonable. The basket was a tremendous hit with all of us. It contained 2 eggs, a little chocolate hen, a carrot filled with Chocolate covered cheerios (delicious – and recommended!) and a good sized chocolate bunny, all presented in an easter basket filled with pink paper.

Boxed Chocolate - Jacques Torres
Jacques's Choice Boxed Assortments -
25-piece Box – $27

Beautiful presentation in a chocolate brown box with an orange ribbon. The chocolates were well-crafted with some interesting flavors like: Menage a Trois, Wicked Fun, Grand Cru, Port Wine and Chocolate Mint Tea. I loved the Ladybug Key Lime.

Malto Bunny
Easter Malto Bunny – $12
What a huge surprise. These are hands down the best chocolate malt balls I’ve ever had. They are the “truffles” of chocolate malt balls. It was really really hard to stop eating them. Unfortunately they may be a seasonal thing, as I didn’t notice them currently on their website. I would email and ask. Highly recommended.

Malto Bunny - Malt Balls

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