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January 7, 2005 - Joanne


Australian & New Zealand
Cheese and Butter!

Ordered: January 2, 2005
Order Arrived: January 6, 2005

Our order appeared 4 days after it was placed. The Order placed Sunday and arrived Thursday via FEDEx 2 day. Freezer packs still partially frozen and lots of them in the Styrofoam insulated box.

What we ordered:

Island Stream - Select Cut
“Island Stream is a pecorino sheeps milk "Whitestone" style. Made in the central part of the South Island of New Zealand, this cheese has a fantastic delicate flavor when young, maturing to a pineapple nutty flavour with age. * Winner of 2 Gold Medals, 1 Silver Medal, 1 Bronze Medal. $10.99”

This tastes like a classic artisan made sheeps milk. Pecorino style would be correct it’s slightly crumbly with a nutty taste. I wouldn’t seek it out but would have again. The best of the NZ cheeses we sampled.

Monte Cristo - Select Cut
“In the limestone country of the central South Island of New Zealand, there is a place touched by a kind of magic that can't be found anywhere else in the world. It's in the air, the water, the pastures and the ancient white rock that inspired the name of Whitestone.
In every sense, a Whitestone Cheese is the embodiment of its environment. Pressed by hand, bathed by hand, turned by hand and packed by hand, it is a product of skill and mystery. Like original works of art, no two are alike. While their styles embrace a faint echo of Europe, Whitestone's cheeses are unto themselves ... as unique as the land that created them.
This sheeps milk cheese is pressed and matured for four months in wax. This method retains moisture which assists in producing a subtle nutty flavour that becomes stronger and more complex as it ages. $10.99”

I want to like this cheese but just can’t. The texture is too creamy too moist to be cheddar like and while the sheeps milk gives it that grassy nutty character I like in cheese, this one isn’t quite right. It’s minerally, but it doesn’t enhance the overall flavor at this stage. I’d swear this was an industrial cheese… perhaps it’s just not aged enough for the flavors to come through?

Organic Livingstone Gold - Select Cut
The organic story starts with the soil where the use of artificial fertilisers and harmful sprays is not permitted. Only natural fertilisers such as rock phosphates and seaweed products are used. The cows are given special treatment having large paddocks, ample grazing and a stress-free environment. All this contributes to happy contented cows producing tasty nutritious milk under a non-chemical, sustainable, farming system. Factory and intensive livestock farming is prohibited under the BIOGRO certification, as is the use of growth promoters, antibiotics, artificial drenches and chemical parasite controls.

A distinctive North Otago full flavored cheese produced in a traditional open vat. A natural additive, annatto is added to produce its golden colour, inspiration for naming it Livingstone Gold after North Otago's historic Livingstone goldfields.
Price: $9.99
This was the most disappointing of the cheeses. It vaguely resembles a mild Cheshire, but not as crumbly – or flavorful. It’s too mild more my taste.

Tornegus - Select Cut
“James Aldridge started his cheese business in the early ‘80’s picking up cheese from local farmhouses in Wales for his cheese shop. To save on transport costs, James decided that in order to pick up larger amounts of cheese, he would have to start aging it on his own. He now ages his cheese at Glynhynod Farm, Dyfed. Like his award winning Celtic Promise, James uses cheese from a small farmhouse. In this case, he takes Duckett’s Farmhouse Caerphilly and marinates it in herbs, brine, and wine from Kent, England. This semi hard cheese is aged for 10 weeks, with a spicy flavor, ideal as a table cheese served with a good wine, or, of course a good ale. $9.99”

Too stinky for me but Jack liked it (of course). “A good cheese he would have again.” It tends to be more pungent than Celtic Promise and harder and drier. I could see it would be a fine ale cheese, it has a rustic character.

Australian Butter
“Our Australian butter is the ideal butter for all of your cooking and baking needs. Richer and creamier than American butter, it is made in the style of European plugra butter. As a result, this butter contains more butterfat and less moisture than American butter. Use this butter to make cakes rise higher, sauces smoother and richer, pastry fluffier, and when frying you will find it has a higher smoking point than regular American butter. If you love to cook, this butter will become a staple ingredient in your kitchen. $6.99”

Read here how it stood up in our butter tasting!

Resources:Whitestone Cheese - New Zealand

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