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Order Date: Jan 25, 2005
Shipment Arrived: Feb 3, 2005
(as requested) via UPS

We ordered:

1 Berkshire Pork – 35 lbs @295.00 (Superbowl Special $35.00 discount)
1 Native Harvest Wild Rice – 1lb @19.00
1 Tohono O’odham Cholla Buds (Ciolim) – 4oz @30.00

What we got:
The 1/2 Berkshire pig consisted of:
3 pks of Pork Fresh Side (aka uncured bacon) – ranging from 1 ¼ to 1 ½ lbs each
4 pks of Pork Chops about 1 ¾ each (* Note that means 16 chops)
1 lb of Pork Sausage
3 pks of Ground Pork – about 4 lbs
1 pk of Pork Spareribs – 1 lb 13oz
1 pk Fresh Ham Roast- 9lbs, 11oz
1 pk Fresh Ham Hocks – 3 in package? – 3 ¼ lbs
1 pk Pork Shoulder Roast – 2lb 5oz
2 pk Pork Shoulder Steak – about 1 ¼ lb each
approx 35.75 pounds.

Patrick called on Feb 1st to say that the Cholla Buds and Rice would arrive Friday as the shipment was late. He also mentioned that the bacon was uncured.

The shipment arrived frozen (I had expected it to be fresh) and everything was still very frozen upon arrived. Inside the box was a Styrofoam insulated cooler with 4 ice packs on top of everything. I intended to use only part of the shipment this weekend so defrosting was not a big problem as most of it was going into the freezer anyways. However I would be sure to specify if I wanted the shipment “fresh” in the future. They appear to have fresh shipping dates on the website, but I could have sworn that the date I chose was one of them…perhaps I misread.

I’m not sure what to do with the “bacon” but I’ll read up on it. I have stovetop smoker so maybe I’ll have a go at smoking it!

With every order you get a certificate number which links you to a page about your shipment. Here’s what ours said:
“Thank you for typing in your certificate number. Below is some information on the pig you are about to eat!

You have a half Berkshire pig raised by Doug Metzger of Metzger Family Farm in Seneca, Kansas. Your pig grew up humanely on a 2 acre field and was naturally bred.
Your pig was born in the early Spring of this year and was about 24 weeks old when it met its final destiny.

Your pig ate alfalfa meal and soybean meal. None of the pigs or their food was medicated in any way. The pigs did not receive growth stimulants.

Your pig was processed by Mario Fantasma of Paradise Lockers in Tremble, Missouri on November 10th, 2004. Paradise will celebrate its 10th anniversary this coming January. With over 25 years of experience, Mario is a full time processor and loves what he does. He runs the plant with his son, Louis.
The Berkshire pork you have purchased is the purest form of the breed you can find. Thanks to your purchase, you have helped sustain this pure bred of pig raised the way it should be.”

Febraury 17, 2005 Update: Pork Chops & Ground Pork

The Pork Chops are packed 4 to the package. The good news is we have more pork chops the bad news is that they are thin ones. Oh well. I Roasted them and they turned out well but a thicker chop would have more flavor. Next time we’ll try grilling them.

Ground Pork - this was great this week as meatballs and in pasta sauce. It was good pork but not that mentionable. Grind was pretty fine and there was a good amount of fat.
We got the Cholla buds came early this week and the wild rice on the 16 th. The wild rice looks finer than the Minnesota rice I get at Dean and Deluca. Can’t wait to try it.

May 2005 Wild Rice Update:

This is the finest Wild Rice of the three brands we've tried. It has a nutty flavor slightly different than the other. The fineness of the grains gives it a more delicate texture. We will get it again!

May 31, 2005 Pork Chop Update:

We've just eaten the last of the pork chops back-to-back with Prather Ranch's Berkshire Pork Caveman Chops and the verdict was that the Prather ones had more flavor and were more tender - they also had considerably more fat. They were also much thicker -which swayed the results in their favor.

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