Heritage Foods USA

2370 East Stadium Blvd. Ste 007
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Order placed: June 7, 2005
Order delivered: June 14, 15 & 16

What we ordered:
Invoice Product Qty. Unit Price Ext Price
Bourbon Red Thanksgiving Turkey - 19+ lbs (Fresh) Friday Nov. 18th, 2005 $189.00
American Bronze Turkey - 8-10lbs (Frozen) June 14 $59
Half Lamb 20 - 25 lbs. June 15 $275.00
PA meets VT Maple Syrup 1 quart of each June 15 $42.00 $42.00
Ground Pork - 5 pounds June; 15 $65.00
To follow Bourbon Red Thanksgiving Turkey to arrive Nov 18 th
We specially requested a Romney Lamb.

What we got: June 14, 2005 we received the “frozen American Bronze Turkey from Good Shepherd Turkey Ranch – it was already starting to thaw so we put it in the refrigerator and will eat it this week. 9.5 lbs

The ½ Lamb (20-25 pounds) arrived today. It’s a Romney Lamb! Here’s what we got:
5lb – Leg of Lamb
4lb – Boneless Shoulder Roast
5lb – Ground Lamb in 1lb packages
2lb – Rack of Lamb
2.5lb – Lamb Shanks
2lb – Lamb Chops in 2 – 1lb packages

The lamb is from Cattail Creek Farms in Oregon. It’s pasture-raised lamb free of antibiotic, growth hormones and GMO feed. The lambs graze on pesticide free pasture.

Everything arrived solidly frozen and in great condition. No surprises.

The 5lbs of pork arrived partially frozen. I suspect they were fresh when they were shipped and partially froze en-route. The pork is from Metzger Farm Berkshire Pork where our last shipment came from. I can’t tell you the difference between ground pork and ground Berkshire pork you have to taste it but you won’t go back after you do – hence the reorder.

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