Review - January, 2005 - Joanne

Grateful Palate

Updated May, 2005

What we ordered:

Breakfast Combo - 79.95

Artisan Coffee - RBJ Blend Theologicum
This is a good choice for breakfast. The slightly acidic blend takes cream well and is round and smooth going down. I had serious doubts after smelling the first pot (smelt like cafeteria coffee) but it tasted fine and the next pot I made a little stronger and it was great. This is not a stand-out blend but it’s very pleasant and drinkable.

Hickory Cured Bacon - Raines Sugar Cured Bacon
This got thumbs-up from the critics. Overcooked and undercooked it was still great. Balanced between smokey and sweet and with good texture. My only complaint is that it’s really hard to pull the slices apart. A few years ago we tried their Bacon of the Month club and it was really enlightening - and great!

June Taylor’s Gravenstein Apple Butter
Which was fantastic slathered across the Cottage Cheese Pancakes. To be critical it’s a bit sweet. But it really smooth and has intense apple flavor. We would buy it again. I would also try other products from June Taylor again.

Jungle Juice Coconut Honey
I was surprised to find that the color of the plastic jar was not dark brown it was actually the color of the honey. But the honey is malty and nutty – a really interesting flavor. A little goes a long way (which is good) and the flavor is appealing. It doesn’t taste like coconut at all – the honey is made by bees who forage in the coconut groves. I might buy it again but I like Hawaiian white honey better.

June Taylor’s Rhubarb Conserve
We didn’t try this as Rhubarb is not my favorite. Awaiting review from my parents… One of the (only?) drawbacks of the package is that you don't get to choose your flavors.

Luc Bergeron Maple Syrup
Dark Maple flavor – concentrated almost caramelly maple. A less refined syrup they describe as being good for cooking on the label as it’s so mapley. Trader Joe’s dark amber grade B syrup has a similar flavor and is easier to get. After finishing the bottle I can honestly say I really like this syrup better than regular maple syrup. The dark color reflects in the depth of flavor. The Trader Joe’s dark amber is lighter than this one so it doesn’t quite get to the same depths. I would buy it again.

Heidi's Pancake Mix
– Cottage Cheese Flavor

After reading the Grateful Palate’s review and David Rosengarten’s I had to try this. The first time I made them we used whole milk ricotta and they were great. The 2 nd time we used low fat cottage cheese and I thought it was pretty chunky – it worked ok but next time I would puree it first. There is enough for about 16 pancakes in each package. Since you have to add the cottage cheese and the eggs basically the package is flour – so I would not buy it again rather I will make my own “base” – and then it will be organic too! But I think the idea is fantastic and the product worked as it said – they say you get 20 grams of protein per serving! With the June Taylor Gravenstein Butter Cottage Cheese Pancakes will now be on breakfast rotation at our house.

La Brea Bakery’s Granola
It’s good. Special in the way it’s made and tasty. I would buy it again but not run anywhere to get it

Highly recommended. A fantastic gift.
Great quality for the price.
I will order it again – soon!

We also ordered:

Nicholson Fine Foods
Belgian Chocolate Mousse

8.5oz (makes 8 servings) 14.95
It turned out perfectly despite a glitch by the cook (who had help from her 2yr old). It was delicious and EASY! Expensive but really high quality chocolate flavor. You can probably duplicate it but it’s very convenient and a really quick easy delicious elegant dessert. A Great pantry item.

Ohara Hisakichi Shouten
- Soy Sauce $29.95 (now $32.95)

This is Jack’s benchmark for Soy Sauce. He uses it in the place of all others, for salad dressing and for sashimi. He sometimes (with great pretension!) takes it our favourite Sashimi spot – Hana Japanese and we keep hooking people on it. Our friends say they will never eat Kikkoman again!

Torzi Matthews Black Magic
Balsamic Vinegar 16.95

Still haven’t tried it.

The Trevor Jones
Wild Witch Blend Coffee (1lb) 14.95

A Nice coffee. Acidic. Ok. Nothing to write home about.

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