Fox Fire Farms

5733 Rd. 321
Ignacio, CO 81197

Order Date
Jan 25, 2005 (late in day)
Shipment Arrived:
Feb 3, 2005 via Fedex

4 – 4rib Racks of Lamb @ 15.50 each
4 – 1lb packages of Lamb Riblettes @ 3.50 each
1 – Variety Pack (1 Boneless leg of lamb, 1 package of loin or rib chops, 1 package of lamb stew meat, 1 package of ground lamb.) @ 57.00

Fox Fire Lamb is all natural. Raised in the mountains of Colorado, the lamb is grass fed and chemical free and Fox Fire Farms is now certified organic.

They ship only on Tuesday morning. So we missed the shipment for the week we ordered. Our shipment arrived in great condition – everything still nicely frozen, packed neatly in a Styrofoam cooler box (which they ask you to return to keep their costs down). They included an extra 4 rib rack with our order. The Variety pack was a 3.8 lb Leg, .92lb loin chops, 1lb of stew meat, and 1lb of ground lamb.

Shipping cost: $39.38

February 6, 2005 Update
The 2 racks we had Superbowl Sunday were quite good. The racks are small so it’s hard to judge how seasonally the lamb might be different. I’m not sure how much better thy are than the NZ lamb from Whole Foods. The riblettes were really fatty/gristley and their wasn’t much meat on them. They did taste good but we won’t order them again.

March, 2005
The stew meat was great. Turned out very tender with good, delicate lamb flavor. The ground lamb was good too. The 2 nd round of racks was excellent. Both of the racks were on the small side.

April, 2005
Boneless leg was excellent we cooked it in the wood oven. It was tender and had good flavor. We would get it again.

May, 2005
The loin chops were really small but really good. Overall: Quality was excellent. But we’re not sure if the lamb is significantly better in flavor than the locally available lamb – as we are so privileged. We do not recommend the lamb riblettes. The cost of shipping is high but so is the quality. So if you don’t have a good local source. This is a great choice.

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