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Formaggio Kitchen

Order placed: December 12, 2005
Order received: December 16, 2005

This is our second order with them. The main reason for the order was to replenish my supply of Profumato del Chianti – but I am now excited about their Giamaica Caffe coffee as well.

What we ordered:

1          Urfa Pepper (Turkey)     
1          Profumato del Chianti   
1          Raphaël Framboise - 250g        
1          Pane Carasatu  
1          La Force Basque 100g  
1          Maras Pepper (Turkey)  
1          Bababudans Peaberry 250g
1          Caffe' Cubano 250g
1          Crema Caffe 250g
1          Pitchounet
Sub-Total: $144.50
Federal Express (1 x 7.75lbs)
(Express Saver (3 Day)): $22.65
Total: $167.15

Everything arrived in perfect condition. No problems.

Product Reviews: Profumato del Chianti

The Profumato del Chianti is one of the most exciting products I’ve found. I’ve just finished my first bottle so this is a replacement. It is finely ground salt with herbs of the region - rosemary, lavender and ??? The aroma is heavenly. It’s so fine that it integrates with the skin of poultry or the crust on meat to give a unearthly wonderous flavor. I really need to try it on fish. Highly recommended.

Raphael Raspberry Jam

Confitures de Raphael Framboise – Pricey but really good quality fruit makes this sing. My benchmark is high for raspberry jam and this one is really good.

La Force Basque – Not quite what I had imagined – heady with Piment d'Espelette and a really savory scent. I wasn’t entranced at first sniff. But on roast chicken it was fantastic, Jack was picking the bones. (I roasted a whole chicken coated with La Force Basque and Olive Oil at 425F.) Contains: "flower of salt, chili from Espelette, pink pepper, parsley and spices." Fresh. Highly Recommended!

Giamaica Caffe Bababudans Peaberry – Really liked it. Would order again. Recommended.


Pitchounet – Arrived for our last dinner party, A Feast for Saturnalia. A whole cheese was shipped. It’s almost pure white inside with tiny holes and a grayish hard rind. Mellow flavors with hints of raw nuts and flint. Good. A crowd pleasing unusual slightly soft cheese.

Haven’t tried yet:
Caffe Cubano
Crema Caffe
Pane Carasatu
Urfa Pepper and Maras Pepper

Overall Thoughts:
I would order again and recommend them.

Details of our May, 2004 order are here.

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