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Date Ordered: June 29
Date Received: July 1

We ordered:
4 Kobe Beef 8-oz Filet Mignons ($150)
6 Kobe Beef 8-oz Burgers ($51.75)
5 lbs of Live-in-the-shell Sea Scallops ($60)

Everything arrived quickly and in perfect condition. Farm-2-Market emailed us in advance to warn us of the notorious scallop fart filled box.

"Have you worked with LIVE scallops before?" Please remember a couple of things:

1) Unlike their molluscan cousins clams, mussels, and oysters - LIVE scallops will arrive with their shells slightly gaped. Do not be concerned. This does not mean they are dead, it means they are alive and breathing. I recently saw some footage on the "Discovery Channel" that showed scallops jetting around the sea floor by squirting seawater through their open shells.

2) When you first open the box, the smell of the scallop waste product can be a little scary. Don't worry. They simply need to be rinsed off, but this smell, what the former Chef at Lutece called "the delightful scallop fart" can be off-putting.

There were 8 Sea Scallops in the shipment. The shells were the size of a extra large adult hand. They had been caught on the June 29 and shipped on June 30. We ate them July 1. They were really easy to open and clean. I used an oyster knife to pry the shell hinge.

One, Jack ate as sashimi. It was still moving when he sliced it, which weirded him out for a second. The other seven I lightly dusted with rice flour and quickly sautéed. I served them on top of pasta with cherry tomatoes and a light cream sauce. Trent ate two of the seven scallops.

I’m not sure the extra work is worth it – for a family dinner. Unless I was having guests and the shells were going to be part of the presentation or you were going to serve sashimi - I would order pre-shucked scallops – you get more for your dollars. (Jack: Well, depends on if you're a scallop connoisseur. The 2003 Sanct Valentin Sauvignon (blanc) was a nice, but not perfect match for the scallops.)

We had the Kobe Beef Burgers on July 2. They were tender and wonderful but perhaps not quite as flavorful as the ones we enjoyed at restaurants.

We had the Kobe Filet Mignon Steaks on July 4th. They were great! Not the best steak ever but excellent excellent steak. 2 votes of 4 better than prime. 2 votes as good as prime. The steaks we were sent were very lean compared to Kobe we've enjoyed in the past. They had sufficient marbling but were not fatty or "rich" - just darn good.

Farm-2-Market ships direct from the producer to get the freshest product possible to you. We once sent Wild Salmon & Kobe burgers as a gift. They were really well received. The customer service is great.

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