May 30, 2005 - Joanne

Earthy Delights

The Grand Trio of Spring
Ramps, Morels & Fiddleheads
$49 + 24.50 shipping

Order was placed: April 29, 2005

Arrived (they called and asked what date I would like it delivered with 3 options) May 26, 2005

Wow. Gorgeous looking and tastes even better. I have *never* seen fiddleheads for sale anywhere this fresh. They taste like heaven. The ramps could have been used on the table as flowers. They looked like they had just been picked. Fantastic freshness.

We ordered based on the Rosengarten's Report recommendation and it was a great success. The report mentioned an offer code that also got us a free Mushroom Lover's cookbook.

Bravo! A big recommend. I will be ordering again!

What we made:

We made poached chicken with morels (adapted from their website) and I added ramps (about 10 ramps) to the morels (using most of the morels) and mixed in pre-blanched fiddleheads into the sauce.

I made Ramp & Fiddlehead Soup (from the recipe that accompanied the shipment) with the rest of the Fiddleheads and about 12 of the ramps. I still have 10 or so ramps left for dinner and about 2 cups of morels.

The rest of the morels I used in the Farro for the Two Mikes dinner. I cooked them in some olive oil and butter in the wood oven (until crispy) and then added them to the cooked farro.

The rest of the ramps I used in the Spring into Summer dinner, caramelizing them for the Foie Gras tartlettes and using the stem for the green sauce on the braised lamb.

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