Restaurant Review - Sept. 10, 2007 - Joanne

Blue Water Café
Blue Water Café

Yaletown, Vancouver, BC

Visited: April 29, 2007 - Dinner

The Blue Water Café, in the Yaletown neighborhood, is in a 100-year-old brick and beam warehouse. The dining room is white-tabled-clothed, with an open kitchen, separate raw/sushi bar and long cocktail bar. There is a heated patio in front which runs along the street.

Blue Water is known around town for the freshest and best wild seafood, sustainably caught (and Ocean Wise). The Executive chef, Frank Pabst and Sushi Master, Yoshihiro Tabo, do not disappoint. We would very happily return and would recommend it to Vancouver visitors. It was hard to not go back again during the four days we were in town.

Trap Caught Wild Prawns at Blue Water Cafe Vancouver
Trap Caught Wild Prawns

Fresh herb & vegetable salad, ginger, chili & lemongrass
A Thai-inspired broth gave this dish a zing. The prawns were cooked firm and sprinkled with sesame seeds. The julienned vegetable salad included carrots and bean sprouts.

Smoked Salmon Tartare (Special) with a vegetable salad at Blue Water Cafe
Smoked Salmon Tartare with a vegetable salad
Fennel was a prominent force in this dish with a gorgeous presentation of slivered sugar snap peas tomatoes, fennel and pesto.
Halibut with Saffron Broth and Ramps (Special) at Blue Water Cafe
Halibut with Saffron Broth and Ramps (Special)
The mashed potatoes swimming beneath a saffron broth laced with tarragon were heavenly. The Halibut was on the over side of done but okay. Obviously very fresh fish. Just one ramp on top.

Lobster: rolled with slices of mango & rolled in an omelette crepe at Blue Water Cafe
Lobster: rolled with slices of mango & rolled in an omelette crepe
Really nice. The omelette so thin it was a dash of flavor rather than a big element to the dish.

Ordered as nigri – a wonderful champagne color. Fresh and crunchy. Good nori.

Albacore (Bincho Maguro) Sashimi at Blue Water Cafe in Vancouver
Albacore Tuna
Sashimi. Six huge thick slices with a seaweed garnish.

Edamame - steamed Soybeans at Blue Water Cafe
Edamame: steamed soybeans
Nice quality perfectly steamed.

The Oyster selection to us was fantastic, as we had had only the Effinghams before. We loved the Gorge Inlet, and the Okeover and the Kusshi were wonderful tiny deep shelled oysters with a slight sweetness.

Oysters at Blue Water Cafe - Effingham, Gorge Inlet, Okever and Kusshi
Gorge Inlet: BC Vancouver Island, small, smooth light finish
Kusshi: Cortes Island, smaller, deep cup, mild taste
Effingham Inlet: Barkley Sound West Vancouver, vibrant briny, smooth lettuce finish
Okeover: Okeover Arm, ocean flavour, cucumber finish, medium shell
Blue Water Café

Blue Water Café

2000 Livon Braida Alte
2000 Livon Braida Alte
– a white blend. A slight sweetness and fullness which was not weighting it down but rather giving it a depth and complexity. Good with the full array of seafood we enjoyed and very nice on its own as well. Would have again. back label

All-in-all, a very good wine list.

Artisan Canadian Cheese : Benedictin, Tomme D'or and Saint Ambroise
Artisan Canadian Cheese

Tasting plate with three selections
They suggest port with the cheese, which tonight would have been an odd choice. The Livon was lovely with the Saint Ambroise, The Benedictin (a blue from Quebec) was a nice middle-of-the-road blue not too blue or salty. The Tomme D’or was not a favorite of the plate. Accompaniments were sliced green apple, cranberry raisin toasts, pineapple compote. Other selections were a Camembert and an ash ripened goat: La Pyramide.

Sorbet - Strawberry Cassis, Raspberry & Mango at Blue Water Cafe
Strawberry Cassis, Raspberry and Mango
Garnished with a Ground Cherry and a Strawberry nestled atop a fruit wafer.

Menu - starters at Blue Water CafeMain Menu at Blue Water Cafe

Oyster/Raw Bar menu at Blue Water Cafe

Sushi Menu at Blue Water Cafe

As well as an: Early Menu

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