Restaurant Review - October 19, 2007 - Joanne

Graham's at Squaw Valley
Graham's at Squaw Valley

Visited: March 13, 2007 - Dinner
Graham's has ski lodge ambiance with two roaring fires and lots of wood smoke. The extensive wine list (best in the area) has some treasures and we took advantage of one, but they let us know that the prices will be rising (and kind of a weird thing to tell a customer!).

The food, overall, was expensive and did not meet our standards for the cost. The appetizers were stronger than the main courses, but that might have been luck. We are not likely to return.

Jack's comments: The food looked better than it tasted. I'm still left wondering why I was asked how I’d like something cooked when the cooking staff seemed to ignore it. Too much of the food had no taste (asparagus, mashed potatoes, sugar snap peas). I just feel the food could be better if the kitchen got their act together.

Scallops with melted leeks, porcini mushrooms and cream at Graham's Squaw Valley
Scallops: Sauteed scallops with melted leeks, porcini mushrooms and cream
Two large scallops sliced horizontally into four. Nicely cooked. Served atop a pleasant cream sauce with julienned leeks. Would order again.

Baked Oysters with Macadamian Nut Butter
Baked Oysters with Macadamian Nut Butter
The oysters were fine, but I missed the Macadamian element. The baked topping was panko heavy (with a dash of parsley) and therefore very crunchy but pretty standard. Nothing special here.

Elk Rib Chop
Grilled Elk Rib Chop with lingonberry zinfandel reduction
I ordered chef’s choice of cooking. What he sent was medium well; I inquired and was told it was supposed to be medium rare. Heavy on the pepper and seared steak-like it was somewhat tender. The zinfandel cranberry(?) cherry(?) sauce was a little too sweet for my taste and not that exciting, and very gel-like. Mashed potatoes were piped onto the plate and not worth eating. Maybe a 2 on 1-10 scale. Vegetables were asparagus (thick), sugar snap peas, bell pepper and chioggia beets. The beets were slightly bitter and somewhat washed out. The asparagus had an unpleasant flavor.

Lamb Chops
Grilled Colorado Lamb Chops with Sun-dried tomato and basil pesto
Okay. Ordered medium rare – arrived more towards medium. Same side dishes did not excite. Jack was not a fan of what he remembers as the "red puree."

Chicken Fingers and Pasta
Children's Choice: Our young diner was offered chicken fingers and pasta with cheese (there is no set children's menu). The pasta was well cooked but had no flavor. The chicken fingers were a chicken breast sliced horizontally into three and deep fried. Good crispy coating with a nice seasoning.

Graham's in Squaw Valley

Menu at Graham's

Menu at Graham's

1998 Beaucastel Chateauneuf de Pape at Graham's Squaw Valley
1998 Château de Beaucastel Châteauneuf-du-Pape - The initial sniff said corked but tasting the wine the TCA was not detectable. We still thought that this bottle was slightly corked but drinkable.

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