Restaurant Review - July 22, 2005 - Joanne

Hana Japanese

101 Golf Course Drive (in DoubleTree Plaza) Rohnert Park, CA (near Santa Rosa)

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We attended a Riesling-themed Wine Offline Event (put together by board members of the Mark Squires BB) at Hana, our favorite Japanese Restaurant in Northern California. We considered that this was a good excuse to review the food at the same time.

The sashimi at Hana is always fresh and beautifully presented. They have a wide variety of fish available (an amazing selection for being one hour North of San Francisco). We have put ourselves in the capable hands of owner and head chef Ken Tominaga before - this Omekase menu we enjoyed was outstanding and worked really well with our Rieslings. Hana has a very good Sake list with many by the glass, and a small but good wine list. $100/person, inclusive.

Sunomono salad with octopus, Japanese cucumbers, Wakame (seaweed) and a plum vinaigrette
Octopus “taco” with caviar on top of cucumbers. This dish makes you like octopus!

Miyagi oysters, Uni (sea urchin) and Ikura (salmon roe) with Yuzu Ponzu sauce
This dish makes you like Uni. Yum. Great pairing of ingredients. Yuzu Ponzu sauce really worked with the other ingredients.

Flight 1
2001 Barmes-Buecher ‘Hengst’ Alsace
2000 Zind-Humbrecht ‘Brand’ Alsace
1997 Zind-Humbrecht ‘Rangen de Thann’
1996 Trimbach Cuvee M (Mandelburg) Alsace
1993 Domaine Weinbach Cuvee Ste. Catherine II Alsace

Ankimo (steamed monkfish pâté) with miso sauce
Topped with Hirame (flounder). Yum. Hana does this dish so well!

Flight 2
2002 Erich Salomon ‘Kogl’ Kremstal Austria
2001 Thanisch ‘Bernkasteler Doctor’ Goldkapsel Kabinett MSR
2001 Donnhoff Oberhauser Leistenberg Kabinett MSR

Deep fried baby flounder
Served with green tea salt. Yum. Perfectly crisp. Great with the wines.

Flight 3
2003 Wegeler Bernkasteler Doctor Spätlese MSR
2003 Karthauser Hofberg Eitesbacher MSR
NV Getariako Txakolina Amesztoi Txakoli

Flight 4a
2001 Donnhoff Norheimer Kirschheck Spätlese
2001 Schloss Johanissberger ‘Grunlack’ Spätlese Rheingau
1999 Toni Jost ‘Bacharacher Hahn’ Spätlese Mittelrhein

Four kinds of sashimi with fresh Oregon wasabi
(The Live Scallop was particularly delicious. - Jack)

Flight 4b

1985 Benedict Loosen-Erben ‘Ürziger Würzgarten’ Spätlese*** MSR
1985 JJ Prum ‘Wehlener Sonnenuhr’ Spätlese MSR
1976 Staatsweingutter Eltville ‘Raunthaler Baifen’ Auslese Rheingau

Toro (blue fin tuna belly)
2 Negitoro maki slices with toro nigri. Perfect.

Flight 5
1999 Von Schubert ‘Maximin Grunhauser Abtsberg’ BA MSR
1994 Neckerauer ‘Weisenheimer Hasenzeile’ BA Pfalz
1993 Jakob Gerhardt ‘Dienheimer Kreuz Ehrenfelser’ BA Rheinhessen

Foie Gras with smoked Unagi (eel) and balsamic reduction
Unagi perfect tonight and fantastic with the syrupy reduction.

Flight 6
2003 Quail's Gate Icewine Okinawgnan Valley British Columbia
2002 Dr. Loosen ‘Bernkasteler Lay’ Eiswein MSR
2000 Gymnasium 'Oberemmeler Rosenberg' Eiswein

Ginger crème brulee with fresh fruit
Slightly ginger. A bit watery on the bottom. Not a lot of brulee.

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