Review - August 21, 2005 - Joanne

Della Fattoria Downtown

141 Petaluma Blvd North
Petaluma,  CA  94952
Phone:  707-763-0161

What we had:
Egg salad on toast with smoked salmon
PLT Sandwich
Caramelized Cinnamon Toast
Large Mocha
Baby Green Salad
Chocolate Sandwich Cookie

To go:

Chocolate Cake (with a chocolate cream center)
Chocolate Cream tart
Chocolate Cupcake

The egg salad was divine. Two types of toast were used – brioche and a heavier country bread. With the brioche the egg salad was heavenly. But it was great with both breads. The salmon was good quality (cold smoked, not too salty) and was topped with a tiny pile of tomato paste and chopped chives.

The PLT was a hit. Served on heavy white bread with avocado and slices of hardboiled egg - with a few perfect haricot verts and a nasturtium garnish. (Extra points are given for edible garnishes.)

The cinnamon toast was good – but I think I might have enjoyed just jam on that toast even more. The bread is perfect for toast – lots of nooks and crannies like an English Muffin. Again garnished with a nasturtium flower.

Coffee was average – drinkable but not to seek out. The presentation was an A+.

The green salad was perfect baby lettuces and dressing – the star were the pine nuts which Jack said were the best he’d ever had – and made the salad great.

The Lemonade is house made and was good – it was served it a beautiful clear pressed glass.

They have a fun wine list of Kermit Lynch selections and small producer California wines. The board on the wall proclaims they hold wine tastings on Friday nights.

The Chocolate Sandwich cookie was really decadent. So rich it falls apart as you try to eat it. One was good for the three of us. Served on a pressed glass plate, it won the nod for aethetics too.

The Chocolate Cake to go was good. The same cake was used in the cupcake. It’s not the best chocolate cake we’ve ever had but it was really good quality and worth buying. The chocolate cream tart failed the test at room temperature but won raves when chilled.

For info and some pictures on the fantastic breads of Della Fattoria click here!

March, 2006 Update: We've since had two more wonderful lunches at Della Fattoria. Highly recommended! - Jack

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