Restaurant Review - March 31, 2010 - Joanne

Tilth Restaurant
Seattle, WA
Visited: October 9, 2009 - Dinner

We really enjoyed our dinner at Tilth and would return. We liked the seasonal menu, the great ingredients and the interesting flavors, but sometimes the flavors are strange together and that might not excite all-comers. Tilth is one of only two organically certified restaurants in the US and we found it odd and disappointing that their wine list did not reflect or note the wealth of organic and biodynamic producers on that list. Great cheese course, with local choices.

Appetizer - cheese tarts Nicely made. A strange thing on a menu but nice to nibble on waiting for course one. Tart shell very well made.

Amuse: lightly pickled watermelon & kohlrabi A surprise - great pairing and delicious. Served in a asian soup spoon.

Salad: Not a huge fan of blue cheese in salad but this dressing was a winner. A lot of dressing but it worked.

Sablefish: Really good. Crisp skin and succlulent fish. As Jack ate this he got into it - and finished loving it.

Duck burgers: Trent declared them epic; I thought they were nice nice. Not too much meat in the bun and the buns were light. The onion jam almost was too much. We ordered the mustard on the side - and it is "hot" so consider that... chips fried in duck fat were really great!

Poussin: Ginger in the glaze. The pairing with red peppers and corn was wonderful. Chicken was tender and well presented - the half being partially boned to make eating it easier. Lovely.

Steak: Romaine lettuce made this steak salad-ish but decidedly a warm salad. I loved the flavors together. Jack was concerned about there being alot of pepper - but he liked the choice of pepper and it worked.

Petits fours - chocolate coated and cocoa dusted hazelnuts.

2004 Nicolas Potel Cotes de Nuit Villages Good. A nice minerality with light fruit and good acids, could have used some opening time but was pleasant to drink.

Serious Pie - Tom Douglas Pizza Seattle WASerious Pie
Seattle, WA

Visited: October 10, 2009 - Lunch
Full disclosure – the wait for lunch was so long at Serious Pie we opted to get pizzas to go and grab a taxi to our hotel. We tried 3 pizzas - Mozzarella/Tomato, Mushroom and Sausage and the smoked duck salad. The cool factor at this newer restaurant from Tom Douglas,  is the topping ingredients are top scratch.

The best of the 3 pizzas was the Mozz/Tomato but beware as the tomato sauce packs a serious sodium punch. The cruchy breadlike crust has a oil factor and although it was tasty going down but left us with greasy fingers and questionable tummies later - it felt like we had eaten fried food.  On a Saturday afternoon the table wait was 45 minutes and we really can't figure out why.

Thali at Poppy Seattle WA - Jerry Traunfield Restaurant
Poppy Restaurant
Seattle, WA

Visited: October 10, 2009 - Dinner

Jerry Traunfield's (formerly of Herbfarm) new place. An interesting concept restaurant utilizing the thali - multiple small plates which make up a main course. We liked the concept and the execution. The restaurant is large and bold. The cocktail menu was enticing but has to wait for another visit.

We had the vegetarian, wagyu and fungi thali which pretty well covered all the possible entree choices. Nothing was left untouched and nothing sparked a question. The dishes were all separate little gems and worked together. The nigella naan was perfect to join them together.

The pastry chef impressed me with her small plates thali dessert sampler. Each offering showed talent and restraint and playfulness. Our only criticism was that there was too much sorbet for the flavor being as strong as it was.

Overall if we lived in Seattle we'd be popping into Poppy every couple of months

Elliot's Oyster House Seattle WA Oyster Bar
Elliot's Oyster House
Seattle, WA
Visited: October 11, 2009 - Dinner

The looks of the place will put a foodie on tenderhooks especially as the tourists mill around them. The fact is that Elliot's has a fantastic list of oysters (about 36 different varieties the night we visited) and they are well presented and at a good price. It’s dizzying just to look at the menu, but the waiter was knowledgable and helpful and the oyster staff will also help out by customizing  a platter for you.

We also tried the Alaskan King Crab leg and it was great; the accompanying mashed potatoes and broccolini were more in keeping with the looks of the place. The salad was pretty disappointing... close to chain restaurant fare. The beer list is worth a mention - a good number of drafts (many regional) and bottled beers. Overall a huge surprise. We’ll be back for more Olympia oysters!

Note: Jack thought the oysters, in general, could be fresher.

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