Restaurant Review - July 7 , 2007 - Joanne

'wichcraft San Francisco

‘wichcraft - San Francisco

February 24, 2007 – Lunch
A need for a quick lunch at the Westfield shopping center made us seek out the new restaurant from Tom Colicchio, chef and owner of Craft restaurant in NYC. The upbeat décor and sleek branding makes the restaurant appealing for a quick bite or for a cup of coffee and a snack. There were a number of urban moms & dads with baby on board and the restaurant design seems stroller and kid friendly. There is an upstairs seating area as well as a larger main room.

Food is ordered at the bar and delivered to the table. The food did not “wow” us, but we could see quality in the ingredients and some crafting in the menu choices. Unlike other reviewers we did not think the food was overpriced, but that the menu choices we tried could have used some improvement. There did seem to be interest in offering good a standard of quality and better faster food choices. ‘wichcraft is also utilizing emenu’s online ordering system in which might make it easier for urbanites on-the-go, especially for breakfast.

We wouldn’t make ‘wichcraft a destination but if near the Westfield shopping center or Metreon, and in need of a quick lunch, it could be a good choice. Next time I’ll order the La Colombe coffee.

Onion Frittata Sandwich at 'wichcraft
Onion frittata sandwich with roasted tomatoes and cheddar Opened Onion Frittata Sandwich at 'wichcraft
Good. But missing the green element to take it up a notch. It’s also very large - easily enough for two! Would be fine choice for breakfast. Needs some arugula.

BBQ flank steak Sandwich at 'wichcraft SF
BBQ Flank Steak with roasted shitake mushrooms, grilled red onions on pressed ciabatta
Jack choked twice on the steak which was shredded into very long strings - so beware. The mushrooms are too much of a side element and need to have more prominence. Again this sandwich seemed to need something to take it up a notch. Something to balance all the “brown”.

Red Lentil Soup at 'wichcraft SF
Red Lentil Soup
Pretty gluey consistency. Not very exciting. I would not order it again.

Interior of 'wichcraft San Francisco

Menu at wichcraft


VignetteWine Country Soda -  Pinot Noir Soda
Vignette Wine Country Soda - pinot noir
My first try at this new soda from a Berkeley company. They also make a non-alcoholic Chardonnay. I found it too sweet and not interesting enough. I’d rather drink Navarro’s Pinot Noir juice and cut it with sparkling water myself.

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