Review September 9, 2004 - Joanne


450 Post St
San Francisco, CA 94102

We were given the option of eating in the bar as no tables were available. It was about 8pm. I decided to order a now out of fashion cocktail – caiprinha and was rewarded by sending it back twice to eventually get a mojito made with coconut rum. Note to bartender – you should remove the purple parts of the stem on the mint.

Amuse: Warm cream of cauliflower soup with black truffle oil
Huh? Cauliflower isn’t in season? [Jack note: This was really bizarre to start with, as so many vegetables are in-season, like heirloom tomatoes – why-o-why an out of season vegetable like cauliflower?]

Foie Gras Torchon on Brioche with Cabernet reduction and fresh figs
I was expecting a hot piece of foie gras – this was a cold slice of compressed foie gras on a cold lightly toasted piece of brioche. The figs were sliced in rounds and were nice and sweet and firm. The foie gras was bursting with salt crystals which I alternatively liked and hated as they would at times obscure any subtlely there was in this dish. The brioche should have been warm and more toasted. The foie gras needed to be at least room temperature. The sauce imparted no flavor what-so-ever to the dish. Overall a disappointment but one cannot waste foie gras.

Sweet Corn Ravioli with Proscuitto and Fresh Figs – served with a cream sauce and watercress (probably Sausalito springs) – Corn ravioli popped with real sweet corn flavor. Cream sauce was heavy but not offensive. Proscuitto did nothing for the dish. A sprinkling of corn kernels and some bacon would have kicked it up notches. Figs were firm fresh and sweet. Still very enjoyable.

Roasted New Zealand Blue Bass
with crab gnocchi and something I didn't take notes on. A nice fish course…very good, quite enjoyable, but nothing exciting about it.

Wine by the glass, an Arneis, that Jack liked.

Dessert to go - Small Finish assortment of chocolates cookies and sweets – always fabulous and decandently a deal at $12 as it takes so much work to produce these treats. In this assortment, a Peanut butter and jam cookie, a chocolate nut roll cookie, snickerdoodles, maple fudge, a piece of chocolate and almond coated toffee, a dark chocolate truffle in the shape of a walrus, a hexagonal truffle, slivered nuts coated with dark chocolate and spices, peanuts coated in dark chocolate and cocoa powder, a key lime tartlet, a raspberry spongecake, pate de fruits of raspberry & a light colored one? (I didn’t get to try them). We missed out on the ice cream sandwich. C’est dommage.

A bottle of San Pellegrino was $7.50.

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