Restaurant Review: December 27, 2007 - Joanne

Interior at Eccolo in Berkeley, CAEccolo

1820 Fourth St., Berkeley, CA

Visited December 2, 2007 - Dinner

Dinner at Eccolo on 4th Street in Berkeley, was much better than our last lunch (in between the last review and this one) but while we’d return, it is an expensive dinner in a bustling town with many good choices.

Sweet Potato Chips at Eccolo
Little snacks: Sweet potato chips with sage
Not as good as their frites with sage and rosemary. Some were chewy some were crispy. An uneven dish.

Half of a Dungeness Crab with Chili Butter

Half a Dungeness Crab with chili butter
Crab was good. We ordered without the chili butter so cannot comment.

Foie Gras on Brioche with pickled onions and coarse salt
Foie gras on brioche with pickled onions and coarse salt
Foie gras was good. The brioche did nothing for it being on the heavy side and just didn’t work as the encasement. Nice idea.

Bruschetta ala Capreseautumn tomatoes, basil and burrata mozzarella on grilled bread
Bruschetta ala caprese: autumn tomatoes, basil and burrata mozzarella on grilled bread
Not a good sign that I couldn’t remember having this dish. All I recall is thinking that it’s past tomato season (the key being autumn tomatoes) and I should have known better.

Casareccia with Neapolitan pork ragu at Eccolo
Casareccia with Neapolitan pork ragu
The pasta was good. I was disappointed that the ragu was made from ground pork rather than a slow cooked cut of pork. This dish needed some other element to make it sing. It was not the great comfort dish it could have been.

Grilled Pastured Veal Chop at Eccolo in Berkeley with frisee salad
Grilled pasture-fed veal chop with frisee salad

On their current website menu it shows it served with rosemary potatoes and it would be a much better choice. Jack was looking for some starch. Too much parsley a top the chop annoyed Jack but he liked the chop overall.

MenuEccolo Menu

Eccolo Wine List

We ordered a bottle of 1999 J. Hofstätter Lagrein Steinraffler - an excellent wine. (First time I've found this one on a wine list.)

Restaurant Review: December 27, 2007 - Joanne

Visited September 10, 2005 - Brunch

What we had:

Antipasto Eccolo
Antipasto eccolo:
a platter of house-cured meats, cheeses, almonds, and olives $14
We weren’t oohing and aahing but all the choices were sound. The cheeses were served at room temperature which was great. If there was a hit of the plate, it was the bresaola, air dried beef.

Tuscan Fries at Eccolo
Tuscan fries with sage and rosemary $4
These were a big hit with Trent and Jack – in fact they took the rest to go. Somewhere between a flat French fry and a potato chip. Really fun.

Omelette at Eccolo
Chanterelle Mushroom and Herb Omelette with Fried Potatoes and Lettuces $12.75
Just what I hoped for. The eggs perfectly done, accompanying potato cubes crispy and flavorful. An omelette and a glass of wine. Yum. I'd go back for this omelette!

Tuna at Eccolo
Ahi Tuna Salad with Cucumbers, Beets, Coucous and Almonds. $15

Jack really liked this salad. He would order it again!

Acme Olive Bread at Eccolo
Eccolo serves Acme Olive Bread. So good we took the rest home and sought it out at Acme the next time we were there. It’s green olives embedded in a crusty loaf. How did we miss it?

Eccolo Menu
The menu changes daily

Eccolo Wine List
The Wine List

Wine & Drinks
04 Icardi Moscato D’Asti - $8.50 - Joanne's choice
Fresh Squeezed Lemonade - $3.50
03 Cantina di Gallura Vermentino di Gallura Canayli $7.50 glass

Overall Impression
We really enjoyed our Brunch – even Trent had a nice time. We'll be back soon! I'll go back just to have an omelette!

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