Review - August 18, 2006 - Joanne

Delfina - Exterior


3621 18th Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 552-4055

Dinner: July 22, 2006
We finally made it to Delfina after hearing so many positive reports. It seems to win hearts and become a favorite. We can see why it would be a comfort spot but it didn’t capture our praise. The food was good, fresh, and solid but we found nothing really special. There just didn’t seem much spark in the food. (The one real negative note was that our main courses took for-ever to come.)

What we had:

Fresh stretched mozzarella with assagi misti: zucchini al Napoletana, Padron peppers and marinated cherry tomatoes $12
Good but not great. The zucchini was delicious – with a crispyness. Padron peppers just not to my taste but springy and fresh. Overall, the elements were fine on their own but didn’t seem to have any coherency on a fork.

Red Oak Lettuce with avocado, hazelnuts and champagne vinaigrette $8
Jack loved the dressing. A nice fresh salad – the hazelnuts added a real zing.

Garganelli al ragu $13
Good. Not over the top. Sauce on the pure tomato – acidic side. Just enough meat but I would say heavy on the pasta side. A heavy dish where nothing starred.

Pan-roasted local halibut with Yukon gold mashed potatoes, baby leeks, broccoli rabe and chantenay carrots $24
Okay. In Jack’s “Good but I never need to order again” category.

Interior at Delfina

Menu at Delfina

Roasted Fulton Valley Chicken and royal trumpet mushrooms $16
Chicken was moist and the au jus added flavor. I’m still left wondering at the choice of stating the provenance of the chicken – as it’s not a real pedigree in my opinion. The dish came with Yukon gold mashed potatoes – we substituted the French Fries which arrived hot and crispy with fried sage and rosemary mixed in. Mushrooms were a bit spongy and not that flavorful.

2003 Sanct Valentin San Michele
St Michael-Eppan 'Sanct Valentin' Sauvignon Alto Adige
Nose of butter and minerals. Clean, bright minerally center. Quite good. 2-3+

2004 Dorigo Cabernet Franc Friuli (glass)
Country style with ripe fruit and black currant finish. Atypical cab franc. Some tannins and acids on finish.

The wine list is quite small but there's absolutely no problem finding an excellent wine at the right price.

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