Review July 30, 2006 - Joanne



163 1st Ave, New York, NY

Visited: July 28, 2006

We were instructed by a few who know, to visit this tiny New York City noodle shop. Wow, were we blown away by the freshness and quality of what we ordered. We would go back and would recommend it to others.

The restaurant is not much bigger than the kitchen and you would never guess the food is terrific were you to judge the place on appearances only.

On the hot day we visited there was some coolness near the front of the long line of stools at the counter in front of the open kitchen. Towards the back it’s a bit hotter.

The menu shows that the Berkshire pork is from Iowa's Eden Farms and Piccinini Brothers. Bacon is from Benton’s Smoky Mountain Country Hams in Madisonville, TN.

Steamed Pork Buns
Steamed Pork Buns
Awesome Pork buns. Slices of melt- in-your- mouth Berkshire (looked like pork belly slices) pork, scallions and cucumber coupled with a perfect hoisin sauce sets my new benchmark for steamed buns.

Seaweed Cured Scallops
Seaweed Cured Maine Diver Scallops – baby arugula, cherries, lemon puree $14

Chilled slices of scallop with a tiny wild arugula salad. Divine and fresh.

Somen with Berkshire Pork Momofuku
Momofuku Somen – chilled broth, shredded Berkshire pork $13
Chilled broth arrives in a separate bowl and has a hint of ginger. It is sweet and very different than the broth with the ramen. The shredded pork was good. Fresh peas were great. Beautiful presentation.

Momofuku Ramen – Berkshire pork combo, poached egg $14
Similar to the Somen presentation but served hot and the broth is already added to the dish. Plus there are a few extra ingredients and of course different noodles. The broth tastes like pork stock – a bit fatty but very flavorful. The slices of pork (there is shredded pork as well) are the same as in the pork buns and are wonderful. Loved the fresh peas.
Lucky Peach


Drink Menu
Drink Menu


Sake 2
Dewazakura Oka 300ml $24
Pleasant. No bitterness. Nicely balanced. Would order again.

Interior of Momofuku (looking towards the street)

Berkshire Pork Buns
Did I mention the pork buns?
I can still taste them...

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