Review - Joanne
Sunday October 10, 2004


43 E 19th St, New York City
(212) 780-0880

What a contrast to Cru! We arrived early and were seated 20 minutes after our reservation time. With a very active 2-year-old, that’s pretty well instant death. The service was more attitude than anything. Curt is a good word. The second waiter/busboy was much more friendly than the waiter and more visible so we started ordering from him what we required. We were never asked if our food was satisfactory – which it wasn’t.

We ordered the roasted Cauliflower – it was burned not just touched by char and really unappetizing. The fingerling potatoes were hard and dried out. The gratin was edible but heavy on the cream and not very flavorful.

The lobster was a disaster. First of all it was tiny – then it was overcooked and it cost $36 a person!!! The best dish of the night was the little asian turnips. Perfectly cooked to be slightly soft and very juicy. Yum. The other hit was the Cured Tasmanian Sea Trout (Jack's favorite).  Which tasted like fantastic smoked salmon. Too bad that was basically all I had to eat - that and the turnips.

What we had:

Fish & Shellfish
Yellowfin Tuna $18

Fish & Shellfish - Cured/Marinated
Tasmanian Sea Trout $13

Shellfish - Roasted
Lobster $38 (x2)

Side Dishes - Roasted Vegetables
Cauliflower $10

Side Dishes - Braised Vegetables

Side Dishes - Mushrooms
Roasted Hen of the Woods $14

Side Dishes - Potatoes
Gratin $8
Fingerlings $10

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