Review by Joanne - August, 2004


Julia’s Kitchen

at Copia - Napa, CA

Visited: August 2004 - Dinner

After 3 hours of tasting Oregon Wines we decided that driving might be better if postponed for a while, so on a chance, I asked the hostess if there was a table for two. We were immediately shown to our table. The couple next to us were just finishing their dinner and had also been tasting earlier. They recommended we try and attend the Napa Wine Library tasting.

Our server Bryan, who looked remarkably like our neighbor’s son, was very friendly and provided good service. We ordered:

Jack ordered:

Red Wine Flight $15 – 3 wines, including Penner-Ash Syrah

Pan Seared Sonoma Artisan Foie Gras with COPIA blueberries, garden Mexican tarragon and brioche charlotte. $14

2 of the Spotted Prawns (a special) $4 (2)

Don Watson Milk Fed Lamb, rack, loin and crispy sweetbreads with garden oregano gnocchi $30
He really enjoyed the lamb.

Joanne ordered:

Milky Pearl BBQ Oysters – special $14 (6)
Tasty – not especially notable though.

Wild Mushroom Mille Feuille with garden asparagus, baby carrots and truffle nage
- Great. A bit on the buttery side but really went together well. The morels could have been a bit crunchier but the dish worked and I thoroughly enjoyed it. $16

I ordered Sparkling water. They serve Sole - a large bottle was $6.25.

Bread was great especially with the butter which we asked about and were told (surprise!) that it was Clover unsalted butter – a standard grocery store brand in Napa/Sonoma.


Julia's Kitchen - the walkwayOur neighboring table mentioned that they had brought in free full glasses of wine from the tasting. I went out to make a phone call and realized that the wineries were all packing up their tables. The hit of my tasting experience had been Lemelson’s Jerome Reserve Pinot Noir so when I returned to the table I coerced Jack to take a glass and see if he could get some to try with dinner. He returned with an empty glass and half a bottle!

As if we didn’t have enough wine already, a lady at the winery table (a few of the winery representatives were having dinner at a common table behind Jack) forcibly pours ADEA Pinot Noir into an empty glass on our table.

After all this indulgence, Bryan, our waiter comped us a dessert which we didn’t think we could eat but ended up enjoying:

Dessert sampler
Coconut Tapioca with strawberry puree served in a tall shot glass with a straw.
This was great the straw was just big enough to accomdate the pearl sized tapioca so you could “drink” the whole thing with the straw. The strawberry puree tasted intensely of strawberry and there was just enough so that it complemented the coconut rather than steal the show. The tapioca was just the right consistency to make this a perfect drink.
Lavender truffle – Not overwhelming lavender but good quality chocolate
Cardamon Truffle – Yum. There is something about Chocolate and Cardamon which just does it for me.
Mini Pineapple Upsidedown Cake – about the size of your thumb nail the design was gorgeous a tiny bite of pound cake topped with a tiny disk of crisped caramelized pineapple. But the pound cake was a bit dry and the pineapple aspect didn’t really come through. Too bad. Presentation was great.

Neighboring table has Roasted apricot tart for 2 served with vanilla bean caramel and ginger crème fraiche ice cream
It looked good – they ate it all. I liked the idea of serving the whole tart and cutting it half at the table, still warm.

The check comes in at $106.94 plus tip.

We reserved some of the Lemelson Pinot and popped the cork back in. On our walk to the parking lot (about 10:15pm) we met up with new vintner Tor Kenwood who noticed the bottle and asked about it. I said that it was my find of the evening and he asked for taste. His review – quite a bit of oak, he thought it unusual oak and queried what kind.

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