Restaurant Review - March 8, 2005 - Joanne

Yosemite Lodge
Mountain Room

Visited: March 8, 2005 -Dinner

On our third night of our stay at the Awahnee Resort in Yosemite we ate at the Mountain Room. The ambiance is much more relaxed and the prices are more reasonable than the Awahnee Dining Room. We also enjoyed the food more than than dining at the Awahnee. They offere a special kids menu. All the produce is supposed to come from T&D Willey farms of Madera, CA - we LOVE their winter bloomsdale spinach.

Salmon Cakes: Organically raised salmon, herb bread crumbs and Crème fraîche.
Crispy exterior (maybe a bit too greasy) with really tasty blend of salmon, seasonings and onions. Crème fraiche had herbs added to it (dill, etc.) and was very good with it. Came with a tiny salad with balsamic dressing.

House Organic seasonal greens and vegetables with balsamic vinaigrette
A nice salad. Nothing special.

Trout Almondine: Boneless fillet of red-fleshed mountain trout, steamed jasmine rice. House vegetables, toasted almonds
The jasmine rice was hard and dry – left too long warm. Trout was good. Asparagus served with shredded carrots. Very good.

Chicken Breast with Mashed Potatoes and Fruit Skewer
Kids menu choice: The chicken was grilled. Fruit skewer had fresh melon, strawberry and pineapple. Mashed potatoes were good!

BBQ Baby back ribs with coleslaw and jalepeno cornbread muffin:
The BBQ sauce was tangy and slightly spicy. The coleslaw seemd house made with pineapple, bell pepper and large shreds of cabbage with poppy seeds in the dressing – really good!

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