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Updated September, 2008

There are quite a few US-based Food and Wine forums on the net. For Food forums, there are just too many at this time for me to guess where to read or post about a particular subject. As for Wine forums, I find the Mark Squires BB to be the one I visit regularly and post to. What I don't like about all of these forums is that it's too hard to find particular topics you're interested in. I think there needs to be a big merger of these forums and a reorganization; we really need the equivalent of the brilliant AVSForum for food and wine. - Jack
Food Forums

Lots of fine dining restaurant discussions, comments about NY Times critics, listings of food articles in the major newspapers, etc., etc. Posters include Anthony Bourdain and Mimi Sheraton.

It’s a huge food forum, but more focused on casual dining restaurants, etc. To find the best burger joint, po’ boy, etc., whilst traveling, this site is the one to go to.

Opinionated About Food Forum
You have to register before you can even read anything. This does not encourage visitors, but also makes it a private forum; it's postings are not found by search engines. This is where you can read about secret restaurants, for example, or criticism of big name chefs.

Mouthfuls Food Forum
I think the more serious food bloggers post least that's my impression.

Chocolate & Zucchini's Food Forum

Sustainability Forum
The new place to talk about sustainability issues with regards to food, agriculture and more.

Cheftalk Forum
A quite active forum for professional chefs.

Mark Squire’s BB - Food & Wine Sub-Forum
This is, generally, more focused on food & wine pairings.

OCA Forum
This forum for consumers, moderated by the Organic Consumers Association, has discussions for organics, GMOs, food saftey, etc.

Coffee Forums

CoffeeGeek Forum
This is a very popular and active coffee forum. Worth a visit.

CoffeeForums Forum

Too Much Coffee Forum

Wine Forums

Mark Squire’s BB
This is the top wine forum on the net (at least, in the English language). Posters include François Audouze, Mauss Francois, Roberto Rogness, Robert Parker, Antonio Galloni, David Schildknecht, Victor de la Serna, importers Dan Kravitz and Terry Theise (occasionally), and quite a few winemakers and winery owners, including those from Pégaü, Pax, Carlisle, Siduri, Two Hands, Holdredge, Kosta Browne, A.P. Vin and Loring. A horde of CellarTracker users live here, too. Update: The bad part is that there's a lot of censorship too; too many interesting threads are suddenly "closed" - a shame. And some long time frequent posters have been banned; some went to UK Wine Forum.

Wine Spectator Forum
With the rest of their site requiring pay for access, you'd almost never know you can still access their forum without paying a fee. I can't find anything of interest to me here, but that doesn't mean you won't.

WineLover’s Discussion Group
The third most popular wine forum, it is definitely worth a good look. Posters include Steve Edmunds and Robin Garr.

Wine Disorder
An eclectic, intelligent group who don't worship California wines. Joe Dressner is a regular poster.

UK Wine Forum (Wine-Pages)
This seems to be the most popular UK wine forum. They also have a Beer Forum.

West Coast Wine Net
West Coast Wine Net has more postings...

VinoCellar Wine Forum
...but VinoCellar Wine Forum has the best divisions of topics, making it easier to find what you’re looking for.

The Auswine Forum
An Australian Wine Forum. Very focused on Australian wines.

A new forum and a bit more casual. It's gaining some popularity.

IWC (Tanzer) Discussion Forum
Steve Tanzer's forum for (paying) members of his website. As of summer 2005, it's the forum I visit the second most often. What is great is that people ask Steve questions and he answers most of them.

For The Love Of Port Forum
Roy Hersh's forum focuses on Port and Madiera, plus travel to Portugal.

Wino Depot Message Board
Lots of posts on wines being tasted by its members.

Wine Library TV Forum
The Vayniacs hold court here.

WinePress Forum
A forum for Home Winemakers. Not just wine made from grapes, but all sorts of wine made from all kinds of fruit and vegetables.

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