Rant - February 13, 2006 - Joanne

Farm Eggs

"Farm Eggs" -
When did Eggs get a new Label?

Now that twice in one week I’ve been faced with the term “Farm Eggs” I need to write about it. Did I miss something? What exactly is in my refrigerator? Let’s see: One dozen eggs I bought at our local farmer’s market and one dozen organic free range that I purchased at the grocery store.

So the farmer’s market eggs are now “Farm Eggs?” and the other dozen are “Grocery Store Eggs"? I think I’m still missing the point here.

I hope we can all agree that choosing free range and organic eggs is  the only choice - or at least it was. Now it seems we are faced with an industrial vs. farm choice as well. That’s okay. I choose farm. But then aren’t all eggs produced on some sort of farm?

The “grocery store” eggs I buy are from Judy’s Family Farm in Petaluma, CA (about 30 miles away). I can buy them at either of two grocery stores I generally shop at (Whole Foods and Oliver’s Market).  I can also buy them at the Marin Farmers' Market - uh wait… There-in lies my problem… so are Judy’s farm eggs or grocery store eggs? Is this a split hair issue?

Are farm eggs superior? If they are fresher, yes. If they are Arauacona, they are a different color (and we like them better). If the chickens they come from are healthier and happier - yes! Do I need to worry? Probably not. We are lucky here in Northern California to have great choices like Judy’s. When I’m at the Farmer’s market I have my trusted “farm egg” sources. Sometimes they are the same. That’s okay as long as I know what I’m eating…

What’s in your refrigerator?

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