August 18, 2005 - Joanne

Acme Bread Co.

Acme Bread in Berkeley is a destination for the devout. For us the debate is between the Pain Au Levain and the Upstairs Bread. We love both for different reasons. The Upstairs Bread is seedier – the Pain au Levain perhaps more sour. We believe that the Pain au Levain is the downstairs choice at Chez Panisse and the Upstairs bread is the choice in the upstairs café (that it was named for).

Try the Pain au Levain with a sweet unsalted butter and you’ll be converted. Now that they have a store at the Ferry Market Place we get to eat Acme Breads more often.

Acme Bread Co
(510) 524-1327
1601 San Pablo Ave
Berkeley, CA 94702


Acme Sweet Loaf -
Great for Sandwiches or Toast...

Pain de Mie
Acme Pain de Mie

Pain au Levain
(it comes in small and large loaves)

The Upstairs Bread

Acme Olive Bread
Acme Olive Bread
(the house bread at Eccolo in Berkeley)

Acme Herb Loaf
Acme Herb Loaf

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