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Sept. 14, 2006 - At Slate: "Are any Premade Lunches Worth Buying?" by Dan Kois - looks at premade school lunch products like lunchables.

June 21 - "How to Kill a Lobster, Redux" is a great post by author Trevor Corson at his The Secret Life of Lobsters blog. Kate Hopkins at The Accidental Hedonist shares her thoughts here and here.

June 19 - Parke Wilde at U.S. Food Policy tells us about the AMA asking the USDA to reclassify salt as not safe, including a reduction of sodium in processed foods by 50%.

June 14 - Parke Wilde at U.S. Food Policy scoops the big media with details on "National Pork Board to purchase "Other White Meat" brand rights for $60 million; USDA keeps financial details secret"

June 14 - Michael Pollan responds to John Mackey and Whole Foods...

May 25 - Louisa at Movable Feast has an excellent post/report on, "The Greatest Restaurant Show on Earth: NRA 2006"

May 25 - John Mackey of Whole Foods writes an open letter (well, written with six others at WF) to Michael Pollan defending Whole Foods as it was presented in The Omnivore's Dilemma.

May 28 - Derrick Does Vinegar.

May 21 - Nicholas D. Kristof's fantastic Op-Ed appears in the New York Times – "Killer Girl Scouts". Please read this excellent column!

May 11 - "Xtreme Cuisine" is Stephen Lemons hilarious story in the Phoenix New Times about "underground chef" Kaz Yamamoto's incredible dinners. Courses include pygmy owl, rhino, and other assorted quasi-legal and taboo foods. More at Vinography. (Great spoof!)

April 21 - The USDA has published a 36-page First Decade of GMOs report. Derrick Scheneider at Growers and Grocers shares his thoughts.

April 4 - U.S. Food Policy's Parke Wilde uncovers more shenanigans at the USDA promoting Quiznos Prime Rib sandwich. And Mr. Badthings adds his thoughts here. Kate at the Accidental Hedonist brings more insight.

March 27 - Parke Wilde of U.S. Food Policy follows up on an article at The Common Voice (by Regina Wilshire), about the American Dietetic Association's web page promoting low-fat ice cream with the advertising slogan, "We All Scream for Ice Cream."

February 24 - "Eating for Credit", a NY Times Op-Ed article by Alice Waters on obesity, children and the Delicious Revolution - stringly suggesting that lunch such be a credited class.

February 2 - "How To Taste Olive Oil", a great post on 101 Cookbooks by Wayne Bremser. The best article I've ever read on Olive Oil on the web.

January 5 - The BEST Web Read in a long time: "Wine and Pregnancy – Lies That Women Are Told", is a great article by Daniel Rogov over at the Women Wine Critics blog. Tom Wark at Fermentation weighs in, too.

January 3
- Andrew Pollack's article, "Lax Oversight Found in Tests of Gene-Altered Crops" from the New York Times. How could THAT happen?!

These are from 2005:

December - The Chicago Tribune has an article titled, "The Mercury Menace." (Found via a post on U.S. Food Policy.) My favorite quote, "...the government has tested just four walleye and 24 shrimp samples since 1978." (Yes, not 24 per day - 24 in a span of 28 years!)

December 7
- "Real Food Doesn't Hold Still" -a rare food essay in the New York Times, by Andrew Scrivani. He makes a case for Jeremy Oliver cookbooks because they get you into the kitchen.

December 6
- Jace's article, "...A Butcher Responds" on Accidental Hedonist, is a very worthwhile article about meat and poultry in American grocery stores.

November 21
- Dan Kravitz started a very interesting thread on the Mark Squires BB, “Michel Rolland's Clos de los Siete - a philosophical microrant” which discusses the Globization of Wine, reviews some Argentina wines, with others chiming in, including David Schildknecht.

November 17 - Hillel at tastingmenu has a well-written article, “Eating out with Young Children - Practical Advice for Parents (as well as Waiters, Chefs, and Restaurateurs)”

November 16 - Tana at Small Farms has the latest on vanilla in her article, “The Vanilla Queen Speaks: Patricia Rain on the Importance of Real Vanilla.”
November 22 - The Vanilla Queen Speaks Again - a follow up.

November 11 - Clotilde of Chocolate & Zucchini has a very nice cheese article on Ossau-Iraty.

November 3
- A very interesting thread on Mark Squires BB by new board member François Audouze. Titled, "Opening old wines - slow oxygenation", it tells of his own method for opening old wines - and the remarkable number of non-dead wines by using his method.

October 20 - Too Many Chefs has an article by Meg titled, The Farmer's Salon, and is a wonderful write up of a Parisian cheese fair.

October 4 - Barbara Fisher at Tigers & Strawberries reveals the 35 mystery synthetic chemicals the USDA is thinking of permanently allowing in processed foods labeled "USDA Certified Organic" in her five-part article, Those Darned Chemicals.

October 3 - Tom Philpott at Bitter Greens Journal has an article whose title says it all: "Dominant traits II: Why GM soy looks set to swamp Europe"

September 25 - "El Bulli vs Can Roca - A lesson learned" is a new (at last!) blog post from Gastroville. Can Roca is the clear winner according to Mikael and Vedat.

September 18 - The September issue of Informed Eating has a special Back To School report.

September 6 -
Barbara Fisher has a lengthly article, Food in the News, on several topics, including the first one, subtitled, "Family Meals Good for Kids."

September 6 -
Tyler Colman's website, Dr. Vino, has an article by Terry Theise, entitled "Why does place-specificity matter?" This is not your typical wine article.

August 24th - New York Times (pay+ reg. req.) -  Fresh Gets Invited to the Cool Table by Marian Burros – the Farms to Cafeteria programs across the country show promise.

August 24th - New York Times (pay+ reg. req.) -  Flavors of an Island, Easy to Enjoy by Eric Asimov - Wine tasting column focuses on Sicilian wines.

August 21st
- New York Times (pay+reg. req.) - Sand Blast by Kim Severson profiles Jim Denevan, who does the wonderful movable feasts, Outstanding in the Field.

August 15th - Great new Issue of Informed Eating. So much to read!

August 14th - New York Times (pay+reg. req.) - Under Pressure by Amanda Hesser - describes top gourmet restaurants using sous vide (cryovac) technique.

''More than anything, the vegetables and the proteins taste remarkably more like themselves,'' Dan Barber, the chef and owner of Blue Hill, wrote in an e-mail message. ''When it comes to things like artichokes, steaming and boiling and braising are fine, but there's a great loss of liquid as it cooks - which is another way of saying a great loss of flavor because the juice of the artichoke itself, while mostly water, is very flavorful. Sous vide eliminates this loss, and hence the sensation that you're tasting a true artichoke - not just a delicious artichoke, but an artichoke the way it was intended to taste.''

MMW at badthings weighs in with his thoughts.

August 12th - New York Times op-ed by Corby Kummer, High on the Hog (pay+reg. req.) NYC Health Dept. has asked restaurants to stop using hydrogenated oils. This article suggests going back to lard. See, too, Barbara Fisher's article.

August 10th - LA Times article (reg. req.) by on US farm subsidies going to the bad foods, not the good. (Thanks Kickaas.) August 11th - then, here's almost the same story, "Farm subsidies not in sync with food pyramid", from msnbc - with graphics, but shortened, rewritten and no author listed.

August 9th - Why Whole Foods Matters (or Why Safeway Hurts Innovation) by Kate (Accidental Hedonist)
August 9th - Wine and Money by Putnam Weekley (GangOfPour.com)
August 9th - What the Hell Does "Sustainable" Mean, Anyway? by Barbara Fisher (Tigers & Strawberries)
August 8th - Number By Half (Wines You Can Count On) by Steve Edmunds (Vinography)
August 6th - Dreadful anti-Parker review in NYTimes - Many comment on the bizarre book review of the Emperor of Wine in the Sunday Book Section. (Mark Squires Wine Forum)
July 5th - Istanbul Adventures #1: In Search of Turbot (Gastroville)
Marin Root Farms Lettuce at Marin Farmer's Market
Eat Local Challenge 2006 Author

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Jack & Joanne were guest writers at Accidental Hedonist:

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Joanne also wrote an article for the September 2005 issue of Gilded Fork web magazine:
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An article from the Observer Food Monthly: The top 50 things every foodie should do
Interesting and amusing, but not many we agree with. Still a fun read - and hey, Jack did number 50 in 1998.

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