The Tomatoes are Done
Updated December 2005

End of Tomatoes
Just before the big rains. We finally pulled them out. This is what they looked like before they disappeared.

Tomatoes -end of season

Fall Blooms Already
September 2005
We've had a cool August and the Japanese Anemones, and Fall Crocus are blooming plus the Tricyrtis' are still happily flowering.

Queen Charlotte Japanese Anemones

Vitex in Bloom

Fall Crocus - these we bought at White Flower Farm and planted last Fall 2004

One of the Sweet Peas still blooming

Tricyrtis in bloom

We've had very happy Tricyrtis this year. The flowers look like little orchids - I purchased every variety I could find and add to the collection as I find new ones. They seem to thrive in part shade.

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What's Growing: March 13, 2005

We have from last season still:
Peas, shelling and sugar snap
Romaine Lettuce
Oak Leaf Red Lettuce
Red Torpedo Onions
Various herbs:
Tarragon survived the winter and looks very happy! Mint is going crazy. Sorrel is very perky.
One of the asparagus we planted has shoots coming up. Fingers crossed. Click here for the 2004 Herb Garden List (most are still thriving!)

Our Winter Surprises
December 2005

Winter surprise
A winter melon hides under the tomatoes from a transplant planted last winter!

Winter Melon
A vine growing under the roses from the compost.

The Turnip Surprise
A Turnip appeared under the Tomatoes!

The Melons are Ripe...
So are the Pumpkins

Some of the Heirloom Melons
from our garden at Boulder Point.
The large one is a Crane Melon - a member of the Slow Food Ark of Taste.

The Heirloom Tomatoes of September 2005!

First Tomatoes of the Year June, 2005

First 2 cherry tomatoes picked and eaten from our garden on June 2 from the Sweet Million plant

Interesting insect on Fennel Flowers - June 2005

We planted the first Tomato plants very early this year as an experiment. These ones are organic from Harmony Farms. There were 14 plants that were planted February 24, 2005: Double Rich, Early Girl, Gold Medal, Green Zebra, Persimmon, Striped German, Stupice, Sungold, Sweet Million, and Yellow Pear.

We also planted organic pea starts, Caseload Shelling Pea, Little Marvel Dwarf Shelling Pea and Dwarf Gray Sugar Snow Pea.

Herb Garden - June 2005

New Herb Garden June 2005 additions:
Vietnamese Coriander, Motherwort, Mexican Oregano, Lemongrass, Salad Burnet, Cinnamon Basil (my favorite), Lime Basil, Thai Basil, and Garden Basil.

What’s Growing June 2005

Beans, Peas, Eggplant, Tomatoes, Zucchini, Leeks – King Richard, Onions, Peppers, Lettuce and

Borage is in Full Flower - June 2005

Tomatoes June 2005

Peas & Zucchini - June 2005

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