Wyndhavyn Garden 2007 Updated December 31, 2007

Figs in our Garden - Celeste?
Fall was for Figs...
Our 3-year-old fig tree (3 years since we planted it) is producing figs - and very delicious ones at that. We think they may be Celeste. The tree was so weighted it broke some branches, so we intend to replant it this winter. (It's currently in a large terracotta pot.)

Red or Burgundy Okra
New Vegetables This Year
We successfully grew Garbanzo Beans (purple ones!) and Red Okra.


Tomatilloes were also an experiment. While they were delicious we couldn't use them all. I tried them as addition to soups and stews - anywhere a tomato might be welcome, but there were still too many. Also the plant was HUGE blocking light to the eggplants. Next year I may pass on tomatilloes for their smaller cousin the ground cherry.

Corn -bicolor and white
We tried a patch of corn this year.
The small cobs of white corn were great but the bi-colored were terrible. This was the most successful crop we've ever had...Jack gave them extra water almost every day.

Corn - bi-color and white

Ingenious mr fairchild label
Spring's New Additions
- Six new Roses for us from David Austin Roses:
Huntington Rose - AUSjive (the smallest of the new additions with double pink flowers)
Lady Emma Hamilton -AUSbrother (Coppery peach - I've paired it with Pat Austin)
Charles Rennie Mackintosh - AUSren (Lt pink/lilac flowers and tall form)
Benjamin Britten - AUSencart (red flowers with a touch of orange & intensely fruity fragrance. I've planted it near Pichard)
The Ingenious Mr. Fairchild - AUSijus
The Ingenious Mr. Fairchild
- AUSijus: Pink peony-like flowers - tall form - hardy with large flowers.
Ferdinand Pichard (Hybrid Perpetual/ Bourbon) - Bushy with 2-tone red/pink flowers and fragrant, bred by Tanne - an old rose.

Asparagus March 2007
Our last years' plantings are sprouting and we planted eight more bare roots this year. Fingers crossed that someday we'll have enough for dinner.

Two new additions to the herb garden:
White Currant and Black Currant (as I didn't have another spot). The white currant has berries on it! The sorrel is doing really well.

Sorrel in March 07

Article: Viability of Old Seeds

Ladybug 2007
A recent visitor to our garden!

Peas - March 2007
March - Peas are suddenly bushy

March Happenings

Alpine Strawberries in March
Alpine Strawberries Blooming in March

Jack's Euphorbia is becoming HUGE

2007 = the Year of 30-40 figs!
Figs from our tree Green skin red flesh
The fourth year is the charm. Last year we got 3 figs from the Tree this year looks like we may get 30-40 and they are incredibly delicious!

Golden Raspberry Canes March 2007
Golden Raspberries are looking strong.

Little Wild Turkey
2006 Visitor to Wyndhavyn with his 12 brothers and sisters. (baby wild turkey)
We spotted 11 babies in Spring 2007.

Pussywillow March 2007
Pussywillow March 2007 - see it in Flower!

Tomatoes in Northern California in August

August is for Heirloom Tomatoes and Squash!
Trent and I made the most delicious heirloom tomato soup from these - and froze a good quantity for the leaner winter months.

Squash in August
August is for Squash in Northern California
It's easy to grow - and so plenty, that it's happily given away to any who will take it.

The first Heirloom Tomato of 2007 in late June
The first Heirloom Tomato from our garden ripened in June - Jaune Flamme?

Garden Happenings June & July

Cherry Tomatoes June 2007
Heirloom cherry tomatoes are almost ready!

The wild and crazy garden 2007
Our garden in June with Borage and Calendula running rampant

Apples are getting rosy
Apples are coming along (final score - just 4)

Tiny Melons in our garden - Chantereis?
Tiny Melons are afoot (or should I say abed?)
Savor Melon?
We grew the best (and the most) melons ever this year - I attribute it to the copious compost I placed around them when planting. These ones came from Forni-Brown in Calistoga.

Oakleaf Hydragenea
The oakleaf hydragena in June - we have 3 of these and I love the conical shape of the flowers.

Our variegated leaf Hydragenea in June

The Passion Flower vine
The passion flower vine with a happy visitor in June. The vine grows over a small arched trellis.

Wild Yellow Plums - Northern California
Two Wild Plum Trees started producing for the first time (they are/were hidden under a big oak tree). I think the yellow plums are a true wild plum here in No. Cal., but the red flesh ones I think may be Santa Rosa Plums.
Plum Trees growing under an Oak tree

April in the Garden - 2007
The big vegetable garden in April 2007

The first lilac
The first lilac we planted in our garden is in bud! Yippee! It turned out to be a variegated white and purple one. Surprise!

Masses of Peas
Peas en Masse

fava Beans in April
Fava Beans in April

Apples just starting
Golden Delicious Apple forming

Our 25+ year old Lady Banks Rose (White) Rosa Banksiae -We didn't plant it but I suspect it may be alba-plena. It only blooms once a year but for a month or more, it makes the most gorgeous wedding bower shape.

Pacific Iris
A pacific iris in full flower in April 2007. A short lived bloom but lovely.

Mint in Northern California in April
The Mint patch in April.
I have probably planted a dozen different mints here. Probably 5 or 6 survive. My favorite is the Ricola Mint. I planted the White and Black currants here. We had a number of white currants which Trent happily gobbled but no black ones this year. I will plant two more in 2008.

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