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David Austin Charlotte rose
Roses in the
Wyndhavyn Gardens

Updated March, 2007
We love David Austin Roses!

Wyndhavyn Gardens

Wyndhavyn is the name of our house in Santa Rosa. There’s no grandiose sign out front saying this. I’m not sure why Joanne named it, but she did and so we’re using it here. I think you’ll agree it’s superior than saying “Our House” one kazallion times. - Jack

The people who owned the house before us lived in it only a couple of months of the year (it was one of four houses for them). There are lots of trees - mainly California Bays and Live Oaks, three kinds of plums, two Buckeye Chestnuts and two Sour Oranges, but next-to-no full sunlight.

We removed some dead trees and have planted and planted all kinds of flowers, bushes and trees everywhere we find space. We’ve scoured the great nurseries of Sonoma County and filled our property with more species of flora than you can count. Really. (Now if only our little guy would stop pulling up the plant tags before we can memorize them!) From David Austin roses to sedums to tricyrtis to aquilegia to euphorbias. We get a lot of butterflies. (Not in 2006 or 2007 - ever since the heavy rains of Spring 2006.)

We have also put in raised beds atop our very dense clay soil to grow herbs and vegetables. We’re 100% organic and make our own compost.

Jelly Bean Tomato
Wyndhavyn Gardens

2008: - Tomato plants from Love Apple Farm and a visit to Digging Dog Nursery.

2007: New rose bushes, and lots of great photos!

June 2006: Tomatoes are starting to turn color and apples are growing, read about some happy surprises and some experiments...
March 2006:
We have Camellias, Valerian Sour Oranges, Fava Flowers and Bumblebees

Golden Beets
Golden Beets

Wyndhavyn Gardens 2005

Fall Crocuses
Our Fall Crocuses Blooming in
Late August & Early September

Wyndhavyn Gardens 2002-2005

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