Slow Food
Russian River Convivium Event

Just Kidding
May 15, 2005, 2-6pm
Home of Rick Theis (Thanks Rick!)

Bring an appetizer or dessert and wine

Main Course:
Goat – Lepe Meats (cooked in the wood oven)
Lamb – Bellwether Farms (cooked in the wood oven)

Polenta with Mushrooms
Bean Salad with Cilantro
Asparagus with Aioli
Garden Salad
Penne Pasta Salad
with baby Spinach and Cashews

Cheese Course: Andante Minuet, Nocturne,
Vella 1 yr Dry Jack and Bellwether Farm's Carmody. Presented by Colette, aka. Madame du Fromage.


Sherri Vinton

Guest of the event was the new author Sherri Vinton, who briefly spoke of her trip across the US on the back of a motorcycle which inspired her to write this book:

The Real Food Revival

by Sherri Brooks Vinton, Ann Clark Espuelas


Rick Thieis' Wood-Burning Oven

The Dessert Table!

The Cake We Brought

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